Blue Squirrel Plan: International sourcing, payrolling and co-working plan of Global Squirrels

Employee pay with 35% Markup

Find me a full-time offshore employee + PEO service (Take care of HR, Payroll & Benefits) + Co-working space

  • We source suitable profiles for your job needs till the position is filled.
  • We charge you employee monthly gross pay + 35% mark up once a candidate is offered a job for sourcing and onboarding.
  • Monthly subscription fee of employee monthly gross pay +35% mark-up kicks in on employment start date and ends on employment end date.
  • Any overage fee collected for unpaid leaves taken by the employee throughout the employment will be refunded along with the 35% mark-up after the employee is fully paid.

What does our Blue Squirrel plan offer?

Find your resource

  • Our Global Squirrels dashboard offers an intuitive and simple self-service way to put requests and hire the resources needed without any red tape or meetings with multiple people. The only meeting you will have is the candidate interview.
  • Highly skilled recruiter teams and account managers to analyze your requirements in-depth to provide top talent via our Global Squirrels platform.
  • Our growing internal database of vetted candidates will help us source your top talent in a record time.
  • We provide up to 3 vetted profiles at a time for your review along with their pay expectations for a quick hire.


  • Custom system-generated offer letter based on the terms and conditions agreed by you and your employee.
  • You and your employee will e-sign the hiring agreements confirming pay and benefits and will be saved for your reference on our platform.
  • Global Squirrels team will coordinate between you and identified resources to get their employment started as per the agreed date.
  • Our team will take care of all the compliance and legal requirements as per the country’s regulations to make sure the employment is in compliance with the employee’s country regulations.


  • Structure the pay, leave policies as per the local government legal guidelines
  • Calculate the gross salary and payable amount after all deductions and withholdings as per the employee’s home country laws.
  • Pay your employee regularly via direct deposit in local currency.
  • Provide online access and issue wage statements and year-end pay summary statements.


  • Offer benefits to your employee as per their residing country’s labor rules.
  • Ensure sick leaves, paid leaves, and tenure payments are paid as per the local laws.
  • Offer health insurance benefits to your employee and his/her dependents.
  • Off retirement saving plans with employer contributions as per the local country guidelines.

Attendance Management

  • Provide the ability for your employee to submit timesheets for approval as per their pay cycle.
  • With a single click, approve your employee’s timesheet and their payroll.
  • View your employee timesheets and leave history per pay cycle in your Global Squirrels dashboard.
  • Our platform provides dashboard access for your employees to view their timesheets and access their pay histories.


  • We strongly adhere to federal, state, and local government laws regarding employee pay, benefits, and other labor policies.
  • With access to the Global Squirrels dashboard, you can review certifications, employee offer letter documents, and agreements in one place.
  • Global Squirrels will ensure that there is no legal, labor, and/or tax violation risks from your end by us being your PEO.
  • Offer advice and awareness of cultural and optimal human resource practices to be adopted while employing your candidate for the long-term success of you and your employee.

Work from our offices

  • We provide a professional workspace, culture, and work environment for your candidates to work along with other Global Squirrels team members.
  • Physical amenities, workspace power back up, stable internet connectivity, safe and secure atmosphere, and other facilities as per your preference.
  • Providing a healthy work environment along with employees of your company or other employees of Global Squirrels customers where your employees can build a professional network to avoid isolation.
  • Ensure your employees are available during the agreed work hours by offering them an office to go and work for better productivity.

Why Us?

Before you ask why us, you should ask why to employ global talent? Employing talent across the world will get you the people support that you need in the most cost-effective way to take your business to the next level. Global Squirrels is the only solution in the market that helps you find and employ global talent with ease.

Know More

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Squirrels is the easiest, quickest, and most affordable solution for hiring global talent! If you are opting for establishing a local entity for hiring and managing team members across the world, it will cost significantly. By engaging with Global Squirrels, you can knock out the overhead cost for recruitment and payrolling functions.

If you're concerned about your employees' workplace, you may sign up for our "Blue Squirrel plan," which allows you to have your employees work from one of our offices. We have offices in USA, Canada, and at strategic locations in India with greater amenities and full suite infrastructure where your employees can work based on your timings without any issues. You can take off the dilemma of deciding workspace for your global team. Along with office space, you can opt for adding laptop/desktop, IP phones, data plans, service plans, and more to your workforce with Global Squirrels.

It is an important question that each company may ask while thinking about global expansion. As Global Squirrels is a self-service platform to manage foreign teams, we give the ultimate solution and customization option to choose your convenient time zones. We are having teams of experts who can find talent that can work according to your time zone needs. You get to manage your employees 100% by reviewing and analyzing their performance. Your employees will completely work for you.

Quiet simple! Once you log in to your Global Squirrels account, you will be able to view all the essential information regarding your requests, status of requests, employee profiles, payment history, invoices, features, and more.

Find & employ talent across the world in the most cost-effective and time-saving way.