How it works
  • Submit your request with details of your resource
  • Generates a customized offer letter/agreement
  • You review and accept
  • We will handle onboarding, payroll, benefits & compliance
  • Submit your request to hire talent
  • We provide profiles, you interview and initiate the hiring
  • Generates a customized offer letter/agreement
  • You review and accept
  • We will handle onboarding, payroll, benefits & compliance
Why Global Squirrels
You get to manage the employee 100%
  • You hire including deciding the pay, training, and managing the employee.
  • Employee works exclusively for you and you decide how long to keep your employee.
Most cost-effective way to hire global talent
  • No need to set up an international (or even domestic) office or an entity.
  • No need to worry about compliance/international employment laws, international (or even domestic) payroll process, international payments, international tax obligations.
Best to scale
  • Quicky scale your team for super growth with a manageable expense.
  • Follow the recipe of the success of Fortune 1000 companies. Every one of them leverages international talent!
Avoid red-tape and bureaucracy
  • We are a self-service platform that avoids dealing with many managers/bureaucracy.
  • You manage the employee directly without going through any onsite and/or offshore managers.

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An Employer of Record (EOR) service is a third-party organization that acts as the official employer of a company's workers. The EOR manages all the administrative tasks associated with employing staff, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, tax compliance, and other HR-related activities.

EOR services are commonly used by businesses that want to expand their operations into new countries or regions without having to establish a legal entity or hire a dedicated HR team in that location. Startups and small to medium-sized businesses also use EOR services to save time and reduce costs associated with HR management.

Using an EOR service allows businesses to streamline their HR operations and focus on core business activities. EORs provide expertise in HR management and ensure compliance with local employment laws and regulations. They also handle all administrative tasks, including payroll and benefits administration, which can save businesses significant time and money.

A staffing agency provides temporary workers to companies, while an EOR platform acts as the official employer of record for a company's workers. EOR platforms handle all the administrative tasks associated with employing staff, while staffing agencies are responsible for recruiting and placing temporary workers.

The cost of using an EOR service varies depending on the services provided and the number of employees being managed. Global Squirrels charges a flat monthly license fee of $199 for employees and $9 for contractors.

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