Hire Elixir Developer from all over the world using our all-in-one HR platform. There are no hidden costs or markups except the payroll cost and a flat license fee. We make global hiring fast, affordable, and hassle-free, eliminating the need to set up your international entity. No staffing agencies or outsourcing companies are needed.

Global Squirrels leverages AI to source the best Elixir Developers globally based on your needs. Our platform handles candidate screening and provides curated profiles within 2-5 business days for further interviews. After you select your preferred candidate, we manage onboarding, payroll setup, and benefits, ensuring compliance with local labor laws.

When you hire Elixir Developer, prioritize experience with relevant frameworks like Phoenix and Ecto, as well as libraries such as Plug and Absinthe. Look for strong problem-solving skills and a passion for continuous learning. Assessing their fit within your team culture is also crucial.

Your perfect remote employee/contractor hire from any corner of the world!

No bloated markups just pay payroll cost & 
a flat license fee of $199/month!

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Hire Elixir Developer through Global Squirrels

The development of groundbreaking applications is facilitated by hiring highly skilled Elixir Developers. Elixir empowers the construction of robust, scalable, and efficient applications. These expert Elixir users are instrumental in driving technological innovation and ensuring the timely completion of intricate projects.

Global Squirrels goes beyond the conventional recruiting experience. Elixir Developers hired through our platform have unmatched knowledge and prowess. We understand that finding the right person for the job is not easy and involves following complicated procedures and keeping track of employment laws across borders. This is where our AI-enabled platform comes into the picture and alleviates all your hiring challenges.

The devoted nature of Global Squirrels for you hire Elixir Developer

Elixir specialist

Our country-specific and technical recruitment
teams will source top Elixir Developers in 2 to 5
business days, leveraging technology and our extensive


Our EOR solution seamlessly handles global compliance, allowing you to confidently hire top Elixir Developers from anywhere in the world. This guarantees that you run no employer risk.

Transparent pricing

With our platform’s unique and transparent pricing model, avoid huge markups charged by BPO/staffing agencies and have the Elixir Developer work exclusively for you like employees.

Simpler administration

Without dealing with numerous software systems, your key Elixir developer can concentrate on productivity as our all-in-one AI-driven platform handles payroll, benefits, timesheets, and HR duties.

The challenges to hire Elixir Developer

Competitive offers

With Elixir Developers in high demand, you may need to offer competitive pay to attract the best talent, especially in a competitive market.

Need for diverse skill sets

It is challenging to find Elixir Developers with a blend of technical and soft skills, such as those who can communicate clearly and solve problems strategically.

Productivity issues

When hired through agencies, the Elixir Developers might be supporting multiple clients or training their new employees on their own time.

How Global Squirrels is the best solution

Attract talent within your budget

When you just pay payroll costs and a flat fee using our platform, versus paying huge markups to agencies, you can still be on a budget but offer top pay to get the best talent.

Hire anywhere in the world

With our platform supporting hiring remote talent from several countries, you will be able to find the right talent matching your technical and soft skills.

100% productivity

When you hire through our platform, there is no agency to deal with. This ensures the Elixir Developers work exclusively for you like a full-time employee.

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Global Squirrels: Entry point to elite Elixir specialist

Learn more about how Global Squirrels can help you hire Elixir Developer in the most cost-effective and time-saving manner.

Trusted by global businesses


We assist businesses in discovering and capitalizing on top global talent through our comprehensive recruitment and payroll system.

How do you guarantee the proficiency of your Elixir Developers?

We guarantee proficiency through a multi-step process that involves technical skills assessment, experience verification, and past employer reference checks using technology and our strong recruitment teams, which specialize in hiring Elixir Developers.

Are there any extra costs involved in hiring Elixir Developers?

Our platform operates on a flat license fee model. Just pay payroll costs and a flat license fee with no hidden fees.

What is the timeframe for hiring an Elixir Developer?

Sign up to our portal and select a plan that suits your business needs. We source vetted profiles with their pay expectations in 2 to 5 business days for you to interview and hire.

Can I hire a team of Elixir Developers for large-scale projects?

Absolutely! You can post as many Elixir Developer openings as you need on the portal.

What happens if the Elixir Developer doesn’t meet my expectations?

The hiring process is in your control. You get to interview, finalize the pay, and confirm the hire. If the hired Elixir Developer does not meet your expectations, you can end the contract/employment on our platform, and you will be free to post new employment with a request to hire a new developer.

In what ways can one ensure that the privacy of the hiring process is not breached?

Information about you and your employees is strictly confidential and 100% safe within our cloud solution.

What are the initial steps I need to take in order to begin the hiring of an Elixir Developer?

Firstly, you can sign up on our platform and choose a suitable plan that will meet your requirements. There are three different plans available: purple, orange, and blue. After that, you need to enter the job description for the Elixir profile. Within 2-5 business days, our platform will share three pre-screened profiles with you for further selection and interviews.

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Use our platform to hire Elixir Developer who are instrumental in driving technological innovation. Global Squirrels goes beyond the conventional recruiting experience and sources the best Elixir talent for your project needs.

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