Utilize our AI-driven HR platform to hire Salesforce Developer from anywhere in the world effortlessly. Skip hidden costs and markups—simply cover the payroll expense and a flat licensing fee. Our platform streamlines global recruitment, ensuring rapid, cost-effective, and straightforward processes without the need to establish a legal presence overseas.

Global Squirrels platform leverages AI technology to identify the best Salesforce Developers worldwide based on your specific job requirements. We manage the candidate screening process and provide curated profiles within 2-5 business days. After choosing a candidate, we handle all onboarding procedures, payroll, and benefits in compliance with local labor laws regarding employee compliance.

While hiring a Shopify developer, pay importance to a strong foundation in web development technologies previously specified: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ensure familiarity with Shopify-specific tools like Theme Kit, together with the Shopify CLI. Emphasize experience in theme customization, app development, API integration, or UI component development. Knowledge of UI/UX principles is necessary to make it easy to use in the storefront and to ensure its visual appeal.

Your perfect remote employee/contractor hire from any corner of the world!

No bloated markups just pay payroll cost & 
a flat license fee of $199/month!

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Hire a Salesforce Developer: Your international partner Global Squirrels

Accessing the proficiency of skilled Salesforce developers is crucial for driving innovation in application development. Salesforce facilitates the development of robust, reliable, and scalable applications, propelling technological progress and ensuring timely project completion.

Global Squirrels revolutionizes conventional recruitment approaches by providing access to Salesforce Developers equipped with outstanding skills and expertise. We recognize the hurdles of finding the perfect candidate, particularly amid diverse global employment regulations. Our automated hiring platform streamlines this process, alleviating recruitment challenges.

Transform your Salesforce team with Global Squirrels’ hiring platform

Discover elite talent quickly

Our platform screens the technical proficiency to identify top-tier Salesforce Developers and utilizes cutting-edge technology to match their candidature to your job requirements.

Drive innovation with confidence

Our SaaS-enabled platform handles global compliance through our EOR solution, allowing you to recruit the best Salesforce Developers worldwide with assurance and peace of mind.

Cost-effective recruitment

Our transparent pricing model eliminates the high markups commonly associated with BPOs and staffing agencies. With us, the Salesforce Developer works directly for you, seamlessly integrated into your team.

Proven track record of success

Join our satisfied clients who have built progressive Salesforce teams using our platform. Save valuable time and costs with the right platform to achieve your project’s goals.

Hire Salesforce Developer

Challenges of hiring Salesforce Developers

Conquering the climb for competitive Salesforce salient

The ever-increasing adoption of Salesforce has created a sky-high demand for skilled developers. This surge in demand, however, presents a significant challenge for companies: a limited pool of qualified talent. Traditional recruitment methods often struggle to keep pace with rapid growth, making it challenging to find the right developers at competitive rates.

Addressing the need for diverse skill sets

Securing Salesforce Developers with a blend of advanced technical expertise and essential soft skills like effective communication and strategic problem-solving poses a significant challenge.

Productivity challenges

Salesforce Developers hired through agencies are often involved in multiple client projects or training sessions for new hires simultaneously, potentially impacting their productivity.

How Global Squirrels is your best solution

Attract premier Salesforce talent

Our platform provides barrier-free access to top-tier talent by eliminating any staffing agency markups. This enables you to offer attractive salaries and build your dream team within your budget.

Tap effortlessly into skilled talent

Leverage our platform to effortlessly recruit remote talent from various countries, ensuring a perfect match for your technical and soft skill requirements.

Ensuring unwavering dedication

Our platform circumvents intermediaries, ensuring that Salesforce Developers are fully dedicated to your projects and function as full-time employees, enhancing efficiency and focus.

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Global Squirrels: Your top choice to hire Salesforce Developer

Explore how Global Squirrels can streamline and cost-effectively facilitate the recruitment of Salesforce Developers to meet your project needs. With our platform, you can easily access top-tier talent, ensuring seamless integration into your team and project success.

Trusted by global businesses


Our extensive recruitment and payroll system enables businesses to access and maximize elite global talent.

How do you ensure the proficiencies of your Salesforce Developers?

Global Squirrels follows a very strict, organized process to screen the proficiencies of Salesforce developers. This includes assessments on technical skills, knowledge evaluation in the Salesforce platform, and interviews with subject matter experts. Our recruitment teams are uniquely experienced in evaluating top-talent Salesforce Developers, with proficiencies in areas like Salesforce CRM, Apex programming, Lightning Web Components, and more.

Are there any additional charges to hire a Salesforce Developer?

Our platform operates on a transparent flat license fee model. You only need to pay the developer’s payroll and a flat license fee, with no hidden charges or markups.

What is the typical timeframe to hire Salesforce Developer through your platform?

After signing up and selecting a plan based on your job requirements, we can source vetted Salesforce Developer profiles with their pay expectations within 2 to 5 business days, ready for you to interview and hire Salesforce Developer.

What happens if the hired Salesforce Developer does not meet my expectations?

You have complete control over the hiring process. If a Salesforce Developer does not meet your expectations, you can terminate the contract or employment through our platform, and we will work with you to find a suitable replacement.

How do I approach the process to hire Salesforce Developer through your platform?

First, sign up for Global Squirrels with the right plan for you; see our pricing. However, we will underline the fact that we have three: Purple, Orange, and Blue; each of them allows a different amount of recruitment, payroll compliance, and benefits management.

Hire Salesforce Developer

Hire Salesforce Developer via Global Squirrels

Maximize your project's capabilities with our dedicated platform for Salesforce Developer recruitment. Access top-tier Salesforce talent globally, ensuring an ideal match for your project requirements. With our simplified process of hiring Salesforce developer, we focus on fostering innovation and driving growth.

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