Estimated payroll costs for employers in Bangladesh

Payroll Contributions Cost
Employer health insurance contribution 50% of total health insurance cost for employee and his/her dependents.
Gratuity pay (Paid to employees only after they leave the company (optional)) 30 days of gross pay for every year.

Approximately 8.2 % of employee gross salary.

45 days of gross pay after 10 years.

Bonus plan (optional) Paid twice a year after one year of employment.

The total bonus paid is equivalent to the employee’s two-month salary.

Total *5% of the employee’s gross pay


*Please note that any overage fee collected as part of the employer payroll costs will be refunded to the customer by Global Squirrels upon an employee’s termination of employment.

Bangladesh doesn’t have any legally required payroll contributions however it is recommended to offer private health insurance.

Global Squirrels do not offer bonus plans and gratuities. Amounts equivalent to these benefits will typically be accommodated as part of the employee’s regular pay.


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