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Pay your distributed workforce on-time, deposit taxes without any delays,
track employee attendance, and save timesheets on the cloud.

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Global Squirrels payroll system

Simplify your global employment processes with our fully automated global payroll system

As you hire international employees to complement your domestic workforce, you might face significant challenges while processing their salaries, benefits, calculating taxes and deductions. These difficulties persist because each country has its own set of labor/employment laws, and they land you in trouble if you fail to abide by them.

To simplify your global hiring and payroll processes, we have engineered a tech platform that handles all your global payroll complexities efficiently and compliantly.

Pay all your employees from a single dashboard

Pay all your employees from a single dashboard

On-time payout

We will ensure all your international employees get paid in their local currencies without any delays.

Accurate payroll

A faster and robust global payroll system with maximized accuracy and zero miscalculations.

Secured payment system

All your payments will be processed through a federally-regulated electronic network.

Complete global payroll solution to track & manage employees

Employee timesheets

A reliable and accurate employee timesheet management system that helps you increase workplace productivity.

Leaves and holidays management

Track all your employees’ leaves, holidays, day-off & absents and plan your deliverables accordingly.

Expense management

Consolidate all your expenses in a single report, enjoy hassle-free settlement of employee expenses and claims.

Complete global payroll solution to track & manage employees
Global payments & taxes: Compliance assured

Global payments & taxes: Compliance assured

Employee salary calculations

Accurately evaluate your employees’ net salaries who are working from different countries.

Employee taxation

Avoid hefty penalties as we calculate, process and pay all the taxes on behalf of you adhering to local tax structures.

Statutory deductions

We maintain your global payroll records and ensure timely payments to respective government agencies and insurance companies.

Why Global Squirrels international payroll solutions?

Multi-country payroll management

Experience the convenience of our integrated global payroll system, designed to manage multi-country payroll requirements with ease.

Cost-effective payroll services

Our comprehensive global payroll services offer transparent pricing with no hidden charges. Which allows businesses to save money while ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing.

Compliance with local regulations

Our global payroll services are aligned with local tax laws and employment regulations, providing peace of mind for international payroll operations.

Tailored support and services

Receive personalized support from our dedicated payroll specialists. We understand that each business is unique, and we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Global Squirrels - Your trusted partner in global payrolling

Enjoy automation at every stage of the journey, say goodbye to manual payrolling.
Not just multi-country payments, we also handle compliance on a global scale!

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We help businesses leverage the top talent worldwide with our advanced payroll system.

What is a Global Payroll Service?

A Global Payroll Service Provider handles payroll processing for businesses with employees in multiple countries. They ensure compliance with each country’s specific employment laws, manage tax withholdings, process payments, and handle currency conversion.

How can your Global Payroll Services benefit my business?

Our Global PEO Payroll Services simplify the complex process of paying international employees. We ensure full compliance with local labor laws, manage tax obligations, and provide a consistent payment experience for all your employees, irrespective of their location. This allows your HR and finance teams to focus on strategic aspects of your business.

Does your platform handle currency conversions?

Yes, our platform handles currency conversion as a part of the payroll process. We ensure accurate conversions based on real-time exchange rates, so your employees receive the correct amount.

How do Global Squirrels ensure legal compliance in each country?

Our experts have comprehensive knowledge of employment laws and regulations in each country we operate in. We handle all legal and compliance aspects including EOR payroll requirements, tax withholdings, adherence to local labor laws, etc.

Can your platform adapt to changes as my business grows?

Absolutely! Our platform is designed to scale and adapt to your business needs. Whether you plan to hire more employees in existing countries or expand into new countries, we can accommodate these changes effortlessly.

How can I get started with your Global Payroll Services?

Getting started with Global Squirrels is easy! You can schedule a demo through the form on this page, or you can sign up straight away and explore our self-service platform. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through our PEO payroll services and answer any other questions you may have.

How does your platform handle tax and benefits management?

Our platform accurately calculates and withholds taxes based on each country’s specific tax laws. Additionally, we manage employee benefits as per local laws, including social security, health insurance, and pension contributions.

Can your platform handle payments to both full-time employees and contractors?

Yes, our platform can manage payments to both full-time employees and contractors. We ensure that all payments are compliant with local laws and regulations, whether they’re for permanent staff or short-term contractors.

Global hiring and payroll made easy

Global payroll services - simplify payroll, expand horizons!

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