Payrolling for Contingent Workforce

A transparent pricing model where you are billed payroll cost & a flat fee.
No VMS, MSPs & staffing agencies needed! Use our platform to recruit,
on-board & pay contractors in USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Philippines and other countries.

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Payrolling for contractors

Streamline hiring and payrolling of your domestic and international contingent workforce with our platform.

Do you hire contingent workers in North America and rest of the world? You might be dealing with a Vendor Management System (VMS), Managed Service Provider (MSP) and numerous staffing agencies. This is a lot of red tape and too many layers for you and your contingent workers.

Here comes an all-in-one tech and AI powered platform that eliminates the middlemen and still ensures zero employer liabilities to you. With our disruptive pricing model, you save ton of money in hiring onshore contractors from USA, Canada, and nearshore & offshore contractors from rest of the world!

Single dashboard to manage your contingent workers

Tons of features to make your life easy.

Our platform comes with built in functions to manage contract extensions, terminations, pay increases, leave & time sheets management, performance management and expense approvals. We got everything needed for you to manage contract workers.

Seamless Billing & Reconciliation

With our monthly subscription model, you pay fixed amount (payroll cost & our license fee) and contractors are paid on-time regularly as per the approved timesheets. At the end of the contract, any unpaid leaves taken by the contractors during the contract period is refunded.

Why Global Squirrels for hiring and payrolling
of contingent workforce?

Single platform for hiring contractors onshore, nearshore & offshore

Yes, you can recruit and pay contractors in USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Philippines, and other countries with zero employer risks to you. Global Squirrels will be the legal employer of record with automated HR, Payroll & Benefits management functionalities for seamless management.

Disruptive & transparent pricing with no red tape & no middle layers

We replace traditional MSP and Staffing model with a platform solution. This ensures most of your bill-rate goes towards contractor’s pay. With our payrolling cost + flat fee model you save over 20% in hiring costs for on-shore workers and over 40% for near-shore and offshore workers.

Best way to attract top talent at the same time saving money to you

Top talent working on contract roles wants top dollar and transparency on what their client is paying. This is what exactly our platform provides. Both client & the contractor gets to know bill and pay rates which is a taboo in the traditional MSP/Staffing model. With the cost savings you have, you can pay better than the current pay rates and still save in hiring costs.

Contractors hired via our platform are more productive doing the real work

With fewer systems (Global Squirrels platform vs VMS time-sheets, staffing agency time sheets, staffing agency HR and payroll systems) and no MSP/staffing agency layers, contractors will be spending most of their time doing the work that matters to you vs dealing with the agency management teams or supporting other clients or training new employees of their agency while working on your project.

Global Squirrels – Your trusted partner in
payrolling for contractors

Utilize our platform for cost-effective hiring at the same time attracting premier onshore,
nearshore and offshore talent wherever and whenever you need!

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Simplify payrolling for contingent workforce, expand horizons!

Unlocking payroll efficiency on a global scale, driving success for businesses worldwide.