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We make global employment simpler and stress-free

We unlock the power of seamless international employee hiring and payroll with our Employer of Record services. Embrace global talent without the burden of setting up local entities. At Global Squirrels, we're here to be your trusted partner, acting as the legal employer for your employees.

With our comprehensive EOR services, we take care of all aspects of their employment, including payroll, taxes, benefits, expenses, and more. We ensure full compliance with local labor and tax laws.

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Employer of Record Services

Dynamic global workforce

Unleash pre-vetted talent pool

No matter the role or skills you seek in your ideal candidate, we possess the capability to fill your vacant positions with exceptionally qualified professionals.

International interview management

Evaluate the profiles submitted on your dashboard by our team of experts and arrange a meeting at a time that suits your schedule.

Smooth onboarding and offboarding

With our EOR solution, we handle seamless onboarding and offboarding for your international employees, ensuring compliance and eliminating legal complications.

Assured legal compliance

Adherence to laws and regulations

We prioritize addressing all complexities of local laws and employment regulations when hiring and managing employees.

Mitigation of employee misclassification risks

Our proactive approaches and meticulous attention to compliance details eliminate the risks associated with employee misclassification.

Compliance analytics and assessments

Identify potential areas of improvement, mitigate risks, and ensure that your business remains compliant and up to date with ever-changing regulations.

EOR Compliance
Employer of Record Services - Well crafted employee benefits plans

Curated employee benefits plans

Competitive benefits plans

Providing employees with valuable incentives and perks that enhance their well-being and satisfaction, giving your business a distinct advantage in the market.

Insights to varying employee benefits

Stay up to date with the latest benefit plans and changing mandatory employee benefits in every country at it’s earliest stages. Stay ahead of the competition.

Customization of supplementary benefits

Our EOR platform analyze the supplementary benefits in every country and put forward the reports on the provision of benefits within your budget.

Why Global Squirrels EOR solution?

Unmatched global hiring speed

Experience the unmatched speed of our talent sourcing process, designed to accelerate your hiring process, facilitate quick onboarding, and significantly reduce the time to fill positions.

Full fledged HR services

Fully functioning HR services including employee onboarding, performance, attendance, offboarding, etc. all handled seamlessly through our EOR platform.

Savings up to 75% on hiring costs

Significant cost savings of up to 75% by leveraging our Employer of Record services, minimizing recruitment expenses and overhead costs associated with international hiring.

Easy-to-use EOR platform

User-friendly EOR platform, designed to simplify complex processes, streamline workflows, and enhance your overall experience.

Hire international employees with our employer of record services

Simplify the process of hiring international employees through our trusted global employer of record solutions, ensuring compliance, payroll management, and peace of mind for your business. Embrace a diverse workforce with ease and efficiency.

Trusted by global businesses


We help businesses leverage the top talent worldwide with our advanced payroll system.

How does Global Squirrels’ EOR service work?

Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide on how Global Squirrels Employer of Record (EOR) services work! Experience hassle-free international employment in just 4 easy steps!

1: Sign up for Free!

2: Choose one of our plans according to your business requirements.

3: Pay upon confirming the employment offer

4: Kickstart your global employment successfully! 🙂

When should businesses opt for Global Squirrels' EOR services?

  • When planning to expand your business operations into a new country by saving the investment on setting up local entities.
  • If your business lacks the expertise or resources to navigate and ensure compliance in a foreign country.
  • Entering a new market where you have limited knowledge of local employment practices, cultural nuances, or labor regulations.
  • If your business has an immediate need to hire and onboard employees in a foreign country.
  • If your business wants to avoid upfront investments or maintain a lean operational structure.
  • If your business needs the flexibility to scale its international workforce quickly and easily.

what does EOR mean?

EOR stands for “Employer of Record,” a service that manages legal responsibilities for hiring international employees.

By partnering with an EOR, businesses can hire in foreign countries without setting up local entities. The EOR handles payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance with local labor laws, streamlining global hiring and minimizing legal risks. This allows companies to focus on their core operations while ensuring smooth and compliant international employment.

Learn more in detailed about “what is eor?

What are benefits of employer of record?

The benefits of an Employer of Record (EOR) are immense. From simplified international hiring to seamless legal compliance, an EOR ensures hassle-free expansion. Explore more on our blog – Employer of Record Benefits

What is the employer of record pricing at Global Squirrels?

Explore the EOR service offerings by Global Squirrels, available in two comprehensive plans to cater to your needs while building a global workforce: the Purple Plan and the Orange Plan.
Purple Plan- PEO, EOR, and payrolling services
Orange Plan- Sourcing and PEO / EOR / payrolling services

For detailed pricing information, please refer to our pricing plan.

Let Global Squirrels take care of your EOR needs efficiently and affordably with the best EOR pricing in the industry!

How does Global Squirrels employ international staff without foreign entities?

When hiring international employees without an EOR partner, the process can be highly complex. Avoid the burden of setting up a local entity abroad. Let Global Squirrels handle legal requirements like labor and tax laws effortlessly.

Simplify International Hiring with Global Squirrels EOR Partnership

With us as your EOR partner, all complexities are seamlessly managed. We take care of employment-related tasks and ensure compliance with local regulations, simplifying the process of employing international talent without the need for establishing foreign entities.

Why do companies use EOR?

Companies use EOR (Employer of Record) services to streamline international hiring without the burden of establishing foreign entities. EORs take care of legal compliance, payroll, taxes, and benefits for global employees, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free expansion into new markets.

For a comprehensive EOR companies check out our blog – list of top employer of record companies

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