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Global Squirrels is a PEO/EOR platform used by businesses to hire international employees without the need for an international entity/office setup or recruiters or any HR personnel. Global Squirrels is an all-in-one software platform that helps you find and hire employees from all over the world and takes care of their payroll and compliance.

You can hire employees from India, Mexico, Canada, USA, Philippines, and more using Global Squirrels.Our software platform sources candidates based on your preferred country and job requirements. Once the candidate is sourced, you will be able to interview him/her, finalize his/her pay and confirm the job offer. Once you give confirmation, you will be put on a monthly subscription that covers employee salary and a fixed pricing. As part of the subscription fee, our software automatically takes care of employee pay, benefits, required tax filings, etc.

Global Squirrels is fast, reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective. We have engineered this platform to streamline your remote hiring process and payroll management. Many PEO/EOR firms only help you take care of the employees' payroll and leaves the burden of finding an employee on you. Whereas Global Squirrels will take care of payroll and benefits, also helps you in finding the right talent.

With Global Squirrels, you do not need to set up any international office or deal with external agencies, contractors, recruiting firms or worry about international compliance. Global Squirrels charges you a fixed fee on top of the employee gross salary and takes care of your hiring, payroll, compliance and also provides co-working space for your employee depending on the plan you subscribed for.

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