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    Vanessa Cassandra

    Virtual Assistant

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    Jan Andre

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    Global Squirrels commitment in virtual assistant recruitment

    Expert assistance

    Our virtual assistants are thoroughly vetted for skill, efficiency, and reliability.

    Seamless integration

    We facilitate a smooth transition, ensuring your virtual assistant is up and running quickly.

    Transparent pricing

    No hidden fees. You pay for the virtual assistant's services and a straightforward platform fee.

    Operational efficiency

    Enhance productivity and focus on core tasks, while your virtual assistant handles the rest.

    Hire Filipino virtual assistants with Global Squirrels

    Unlock efficiency: Connect with professional virtual assistants

    The key to administrative and operational efficiency lies in expert virtual assistants. However, the challenge is finding individuals who are not only skilled but also align with your business ethos.

    At Global Squirrels, we bridge this gap. Whether you are looking to hire virtual assistant Philippines for daily tasks, project management, or customer support, our platform offers an extensive network of virtual assistance professionals. We transcend traditional virtual assistant recruitment, offering you a bespoke selection of candidates.

    The virtual assistant hiring puzzle

    Skillset diversity

    Finding virtual assistants with the right mix of skills can be a complex task.

    Reliability and Trust

    Ensuring reliability and confidentiality when you hire a virtual assistant is paramount.


    Locating a virtual assistant who can seamlessly integrate into your specific business model is crucial.

    Why Global Squirrels leads in virtual assistant recruitment

    Expansive talent pool

    Our network is vast, offering a range of virtual assistants with varied skills and experiences.

    Tailored matching

    We don’t just hire virtual assistants; we ensure they're the right fit for your unique requirements.

    Cost-effective solutions

    Optimize your operations without the high cost typically associated with virtual assistant recruitment.

    Boost your productivity now

    Intrigued to learn more? Discover how Global Squirrels is transforming virtual assistant recruitment. We're here to support you from the initial query to successful hiring.

    Trusted by global businesses


    We assist businesses in discovering and capitalizing on top global talent through our comprehensive recruitment and payroll system.

    How does Global Squirrels ensure the quality of virtual assistants?

    We employ a meticulous screening process, ensuring each virtual assistant we recruit is a top-tier professional.

    Are there any hidden costs in hiring a virtual assistant?

    Transparency is our principle. The only additional cost is a one-time recruitment fee for your virtual assistant.

    What is the process for integrating a virtual assistant into my team?

    Integration is swift and efficient, enabling your virtual assistant to become a productive team member in no time.

    Can I hire a specialist virtual assistant for specific tasks?

    Yes, we offer virtual assistant specialists for various niches, ensuring your specific needs are met with precision.

    What if the virtual assistant doesn’t match my expectations?

    Your satisfaction is our priority. If any issue arises, we are dedicated to resolving it swiftly, including finding a suitable replacement if necessary.

    How is confidentiality maintained when working with a virtual assistant?

    We prioritize your privacy. Our virtual assistants adhere to strict confidentiality agreements to ensure your information remains secure.

    How can I start the process to hire a virtual assistant?

    Simply sign up on our platform, specify your needs, and let us handle the rest, ensuring you get the perfect virtual assistant for your business.

    Global Squirrels platform to hire top-notch virtual assistants!

    Global Squirrels is your partner in finding the right talent to streamline your processes and enhance productivity.