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Imran Abdul Majid

Architectural Draftsman

Est. Hiring Cost:



Architectural Draftsman

Est. Hiring Cost:



Architectural Draftsman

Est. Hiring Cost:


Sonali Upadhye

Architectural Draftsman

Est. Hiring Cost:


Vishal Hiraji

Architectural Draftsman

Est. Hiring Cost:


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Global Squirrels' assurance in architectural drafting recruitment

Meticulous drafting talent

Our platform is home to architectural draftsmen committed to precision and excellence in every design.

Streamlined recruitment process

From initial contact to final hiring, experience a smooth and efficient journey with Global Squirrels.

Clear and fair pricing

With our transparent pricing structure, you avoid hidden costs, ensuring a predictable budget.

Empower your architectural projects

Leverage the skill of top-tier draftsmen to bring your architectural visions to life.

Hire architectural draftsmen with Global Squirrels

Blueprint your future: Connect with premier architectural draftsmen

The intricate world of architecture depends on the skilled hands and minds of Architectural Draftsmen. The challenge lies in sourcing professionals who not only understand but can elevate your design concepts.

At Global Squirrels, we move beyond the traditional framework of recruitment. As a leading architectural drafting service, we facilitate your connection with highly skilled draftsmen adept in CAD drafting and architectural design. We manage the complexities of international hiring, ensuring compliance, fair compensation, and a seamless integration process.

The architectural drafting talent challenge

Finding specialized talent

The search for highly skilled architectural draftsmen, proficient in CAD drafting and architectural design, can be intensive and time-consuming.

Cost-quality equilibrium

Balancing the cost of top-notch drafting expertise with budget constraints is often a hurdle.

Navigating recruitment complexities

Traditional recruitment methods may fall short in addressing the specific needs of architectural drafting.

Global Squirrels: Elevating architectural drafting recruitment

World-class talent, Local understanding

We offer access to a global pool of draftsmen while ensuring relevance to local architectural standards and trends.

Maximizing value for investment

We redefine the recruitment ROI by connecting you with elite talent without the premium costs.

Redefining hiring standards

Our approach challenges the status quo of recruitment, emphasizing clarity, efficiency, and comprehensive support.

Spotlight on exceptional drafting talent

Interested in more information? Learn how Global Squirrels is transforming the architectural drafting recruitment process. Whether you're exploring options or ready to hire, our experts are here to assist you.

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We assist businesses in discovering and capitalizing on top global talent through our comprehensive recruitment and payroll system.

How does Global Squirrels ensure high standards in architectural draftsmen?

Our rigorous selection process guarantees that each architectural draftsman meets the highest professional and technical standards.

Are there any undisclosed fees in the hiring process?

We emphasize transparency in all transactions. The only additional fee is a one-time recruitment charge for each successful architectural draftsman hire.

What is the typical timeframe for hiring an architectural draftsman?

Our efficient process allows for the quick integration of draftsmen, often within a short timeframe.

Is it possible to hire a team of draftsmen for large projects?

Yes, Global Squirrels caters to various scales of hiring needs, from individual draftsmen to entire drafting teams.

What if the draftsman doesn’t meet project requirements?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Should there be any issues, we facilitate a smooth transition or replacement.

How do you ensure confidentiality in the recruitment process?

Our commitment to data security is unwavering. We employ robust measures to protect all client information.

How do I start the hiring process for an architectural draftsman?

Begin by registering on our platform, choose your preferred service, and let us guide you towards finding top-notch drafting talent.

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