Hire Shopify Developer worldwide with Global Squirrels’ all-in-one HR platform. Just pay the payroll cost and the flat license fee with no additional expenses or markups. Be glaringly fast and affordable in global hiring with no need for international entity setup and no need for any staffing agency or outsourcing company.

Global Squirrels leverages AI to hire Shopify Developer globally based on your specific needs. Our platform handles candidate screening and delivers curated profiles within 2-5 business days. We handle onboarding and set up payroll and benefits after a candidate is selected by you in full compliance with local labor laws.

While hiring a Shopify developer, first target a good background in web development technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It should also show familiarity with Shopify-specific tools like Theme Kit and Shopify CLI. Secondly, it should be experienced in theme customization, App building, and API integration. This should be well-versed with UI/UX principles to provide a nice user experience with its storefront.

Your perfect remote employee/contractor hire from any corner of the world!

No bloated markups just pay payroll cost & 
a flat license fee of $199/month!

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Hire Shopify Developers with Global Squirrels

Leveraging the expertise of skilled Shopify developers is crucial for driving innovation in application development. Shopify facilitates the creation of robust, reliable, and scalable applications, driving technological advancements and ensuring timely project completion.

Global Squirrels revolutionizes traditional recruitment methods by swiftly hiring Shopify Developer with exceptional skills and knowledge from around the globe. We recognize the challenges of finding the perfect candidate, particularly in light of diverse global employment laws. Our automated hiring platform simplifies this process, alleviating recruitment complexities.

Why Hire Shopify Developer through Global Squirrels

Efficient hiring process

Our AI-driven sourcing and candidate screening provide efficient and effective hiring. Our platform delivers curated profiles of top Shopify Developers based on your job requirements within 2-5 business days.

Reduced time and hiring costs

Eliminating intermediaries significantly decreases both the time and expenses involved in hiring. This benefit applies irrespective of the number of vacancies you've listed on our platform.

Transparent pricing

Our unique and transparent pricing model eliminates huge markups charged by BPO/staffing agencies. Hire Shopify Developer who works exclusively for you like an employee, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Expertise and quality

Global Squirrels ensures access to developers with expertise in Shopify and related technologies. Our platform offers candidates with strong knowledge of Shopify's templating language and experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript a well-rounded skill set that ensures the expertise of the candidate.

Hire Shopify Developer

Challenges to hire Shopify Developer through staffing agencies

Compliance complexity

Compliance with local labor laws and regulations can be a significant challenge when hiring international employees via staffing agencies.

Security concerns

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive data and intellectual property can pose challenges when working with Shopify Developers hired through staffing agencies.

Integration and onboarding

Integrating remote employees seamlessly requires a well-structured onboarding plan with virtual team-building, clear communication, and frequent check-ins.

Why Global Squirrels is your optimal choice

Global compliance assurance

Global Squirrels provides comprehensive compliance management, ensuring that hiring and employment processes comply with local laws and regulations.

Data security

Our platform deploys industry-standard encryption of data, with access to it being strictly restricted only to authorized persons through strict access control.

Efficient onboarding

Global Squirrels streamlines the process. We handle administrative tasks (payroll, benefits, paperwork), provide access to essential resources and tools, and ensure everything complies with local regulations.

Hire Shopify Developer

Hire a Shopify Developer with Global Squirrels

Discover how to navigate and utilize our platform for your Shopify Developer hiring needs.

Trusted by global businesses


Our comprehensive recruitment and payroll system helps businesses discover and leverage top global talent.

How do you ensure the proficiency of your Shopify Developers?

We guarantee proficiency through a multi-step process involving technical skills assessment, experience verification, and past employer reference checks.

What is the timeframe to hire Shopify Developer through your platform?

The timeframe to hire Shopify Developer through Global Squirrels is relatively quick and efficient. Once you sign up for a free account and choose the Orange or Blue plan that aligns with your business requirements, our platform will source vetted profiles within 2-5 business days.

How do you make certain a private and confidential hiring process?

We make sure that all information you provide will be confidential and secure, following industry-standard security protocols.

What happens if the hired Shopify Developer does not meet my expectations?

You have complete control over the hiring process. You can terminate the employment with the candidate via our platform. We guarantee not to charge you more for helping you locate a better option.

Are there any extra costs involved in hiring Shopify Developers?

No, our platform operates on a flat license fee model with no hidden charges or markups.

Hire Shopify Developer

Revolutionize your team & hire a Shopify Developer

Using Global Squirrels to hire top talent provides access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals from around the world through an AI-driven sourcing and screening process, ensuring curated profiles within 2-5 business days. Our platform guarantees compliance with local labor laws, mitigating employer risks. With transparent pricing and no hidden costs, we make the hiring process cost-effective and streamlined by managing onboarding, payroll setup, and benefits.

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