Most Cost-Effective

GlobalSquirrels.com is the most cost-effective and time-saving way to recruit and pay an international employee.

  • No need for your own international office. Your employee can work at one of our offices or work from home.
  • No need to worry about international payroll benefits. We take care of your employee payroll and benefits as per the employee’s country laws and regulations as part of your subscription.
  • No need to worry about compliance with international laws. We got this covered as part of your subscription.

Your employee works 100% for you

GlobalSquirrels.com will exclusively assist you in finding the international talent you require, as well as manage payroll and benefits for you, and the employee will work 100% for you.

  • You decide the pay of the employee. Yes, you get to interview and finalize the pay for the employee in our subscription platform.
  • You train and manage the employee. Employee is all yours to manage. Our platform only helps you source the employee and manage their payroll and benefits.
  • You and the employee decide the employment duration. It is up to you and the employee on when to end the employment. Our platform will take care of the termination process as per the country guidelines.

Best to scale

GlobalSquirrels.com is the most efficient way to scale your team by leveraging the global talent for super growth.

  • Follow the recipe of Fortune 1000 companies for success. Yes, every Fortune 1000 company uses international talent to save hiring costs and meet skill gaps, and/or to complement their domestic workforce.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of using outsourcing companies. With outsourcing, you are not sure whether the assigned contractor is working 100% for you or not. The best interest of the employee is to serve their employer (aka the outsourcing company) which sometimes requires supporting multiple clients or training their internal team at your expense.
  • Save costs by using our platform. With our platform, you are only charged a fixed markup based on employee pay. Our markup covers employer-related payroll taxes and employer-required medical benefits as per the country’s laws. Your outsourcing provider charges at least 300% of employee pay. We charge a fixed monthly fee depending on the plan you choose. With our subscription platform, you will be able to hire 3 or more resources at the same cost as using one resource from an outsourcing provider.

Let’s get started!

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