Decoding Global Hiring: The Difference in a World of PEO/EOR Ambiguity

Decoding Global Hiring: The Global Squirrels Difference in a World of PEO/EOR Ambiguity

In today’s rapidly globalizing business environment, terminology can sometimes get as entangled as the processes they aim to describe. One term, in particular, that has witnessed a shift in its meaning over recent years is “hiring”. Historically, hiring/global hiring was a straightforward concept – advertise a position, sift through applications, interview candidates, and finally, if all goes well, send out an offer letter. Yet, as businesses have started to embrace global opportunities and tap into international talent pools, the term’s nuances have evolved, particularly when viewed through the lens of PEO/EOR frameworks.

For the uninitiated, PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and EOR (Employer of Record) models have risen in popularity as a conduit for businesses to employ talent in regions where they don’t have a legal entity. But as this model’s popularity has grown, so too has the ambiguity around what “hiring” truly means in this context.

Traditional hiring has been about the entire journey – from sourcing a candidate to onboarding them. It’s about the human touchpoints, the interviews, the discussions, the evaluations, and finally, the induction. In stark contrast, the PEO/EOR model seems to place its heaviest emphasis on the tail end of this process – the paperwork and the legalities, often sidelining the most crucial part: finding the right talent.

Understanding traditional hiring

Traditional hiring is a straightforward yet strategic process. The process begins long before any interviews are scheduled or offer letters are drafted. Its primary focus has always been about identifying and securing the best talent for a specific role.

global hiringThe conventional pathway

The quintessential hiring process follows a logical progression:

Job listings

Every role starts with a clear definition of requirements. This becomes the foundation for the job listing – a blueprint of the ideal candidate in terms of skills, experience, and cultural fit. Platforms range from job boards, company websites, to referrals, aiming to capture a wide and diverse audience.

Application collection

Interested candidates respond to the listing, sending in their resumes or portfolios. This phase is an open invitation, casting a broad net to gather potential matches.

Screening & shortlisting

Not every application will be the right fit. This phase involves sifting through the myriad applications to find the most promising candidates, worthy of deeper evaluation.


Selected candidates are invited for a series of interviews, allowing both the company and the applicant to gauge mutual compatibility. It’s as much about assessing skills as it is about understanding personalities and motivations.

Offer & negotiation

Once a suitable match is found, the company extends an offer, which may be followed by negotiations concerning compensation, benefits, and other terms.


After the offer is accepted, the candidate is formally inducted into the company, marking the culmination of the hiring process.

Sourcing and selection, two crucial steps of hiring

While each step in the process is essential, the act of sourcing and selecting candidates stands out. This phase is the heart and soul of hiring. It’s not just about finding someone to do a job; it’s about discovering an individual who will add value, drive growth, and mesh with the company’s fabric. The challenges in this step are manifold – from ensuring diversity in the talent pool to assessing intangibles like cultural fit and growth potential.

The PEO/EOR landscape: A shift in global hiring terminology

Understanding PEO/EOR

PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and EOR (Employer of Record) are modern solutions that businesses are adopting to simplify global hiring. Essentially, they act as intermediaries, handling employment responsibilities on behalf of companies in regions where the company might not have a direct legal presence. With the globalization of markets, PEO/EOR models have gained traction. They offer a way to tap into global talent without the cumbersome legal and administrative hurdles often associated with international hiring.

The misconception in PEO/EOR global hiring

However, with this new model comes a deviation in the traditional understanding of ‘hiring’. In the PEO/EOR world, the term ‘hiring’ often starts at the onboarding process. What does this mean? Companies that adopt these services may think they’re ‘hiring’ talent, but in reality, they’re merely integrating already-selected individuals into their system. The crucial steps of sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and making selection decisions – the very essence of traditional hiring – are often overlooked or taken for granted.

The reality check: Challenges in the PEO/EOR framework

This altered interpretation poses a set of challenges. Companies might be under the impression that they can effortlessly hire global talent just because they’ve adopted a PEO/EOR model. However, the genuine challenge remains unchanged: discovering and selecting the right candidate. The model might streamline the administrative aspect of hiring but doesn’t necessarily address the pivotal phase of talent acquisition. Businesses might end up with a streamlined onboarding process, but without the right talent to onboard, the efficiency becomes moot.

Global Squirrels: Redefining true global hiring

In a market flooded with PEO/EOR solutions that focus merely on the administrative tail end of hiring, Global Squirrels emerges as a beacon of holistic talent acquisition. The company’s ethos is built on the belief that true hiring is a journey, one that begins with candidate discovery and culminates in successful onboarding.

The distinctive approach of Global Squirrels

Unlike many players in the industry, Global Squirrels stands steadfast to the genuine meaning of hiring. Instead of commencing the hiring process from the onboarding phase, the company places equal emphasis on every stage, ensuring a seamless transition from sourcing to selection, and then to onboarding. This holistic approach guarantees that companies don’t just get an employee but secure the right talent that aligns with their needs and values.

Benefits of embracing the Global Squirrels way

Authentic talent sourcing

Relying on third-party agencies for talent can often be a gamble. However, with Global Squirrels, companies can be assured of direct and authentic global talent sourcing. It ensures that every potential hire is vetted and aligns with the specific requirements of the business.

A truly global and diverse reach

With an expansive network and expertise, Global Squirrels facilitates hiring from all corners of the world. The approach is inclusive, ensuring that companies get access to a diverse pool of talent, thus fostering creativity and innovation within their teams.

One-stop solution

What sets Global Squirrels apart further is its AI integrated PEO/EOR SaaS solution. Companies no longer need to juggle between platforms or service providers. From candidate sourcing, vetting, interviewing, to the legalities of onboarding – everything is offered under one digital roof, simplifying the global hiring process exponentially.

Flexibility between choosing sourcing services, EOR services or both

With Global Squirrels, companies are empowered with unparalleled flexibility in their global hiring journey. Whether it’s the Blue Plan focusing solely on meticulous talent sourcing, the Purple Plan dedicated to streamlined EOR services, or the all-encompassing Orange Plan combining both, businesses can select the perfect fit for their unique needs. This tailored approach ensures that every company finds its ideal hiring solution, simplified and efficient.

In a world where the definition of hiring is becoming increasingly muddled, Global Squirrels stands as a testament to what true, comprehensive global hiring should look like. By offering an end-to-end solution that caters to both the heart (finding the right talent) and the mind (efficient administrative processes) of hiring, we are genuinely redefining the landscape of global talent acquisition and employee management.


In an era where businesses are extending their reach across borders, the imperative to understand and implement true global hiring has never been more crucial. Navigating the international talent pool isn’t merely about expanding your workforce; it’s about integrating diverse perspectives, skills, and cultures that can truly elevate a company’s potential.

However, this ambitious endeavor comes with its complexities. Misconceptions and shortcuts in the global hiring process can lead to missed opportunities, misalignments, and even potential pitfalls. The essence of hiring doesn’t lie solely in administrative tasks but, more vitally, in identifying, vetting, and connecting with the right talent.

As you chart your course in the vast sea of international talent acquisition, remember the importance of a genuine approach to global hiring. Opt for partners that offer more than just shortcuts. Choose those who prioritize the entirety of the hiring journey, ensuring that every step, from sourcing to onboarding, is handled with care and expertise.

Global Squirrels embodies this ethos. Our commitment to genuine, end-to-end solutions means that businesses aren’t just filling roles, but they’re integrating invaluable assets. So, as you gear up to conquer global markets, make sure you’re armed with the best partner for your global hiring endeavors. Choose wisely, choose Global Squirrels. Your international dream team awaits!

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