Global Squirrels B2B Referral Program to Expand Your Business Horizons

Global Squirrels' B2B Referral Program to Expand Your Business Horizons

Hello to our Global Squirrels community!

In the world of business, networking is paramount. It not only paves the way for collaborations but also often leads to symbiotic growth. In the spirit of fostering such a community, we’re elated to introduce the Global Squirrels Referral Program.

We invite you to build a global workforce and empower B2B communities with the Global Squirrels Referral Program! This program is an ideal opportunity for you to introduce fellow entrepreneurs to our global PEO/EOR platform and earn rewards in the process.

How to get started with your referrals

Send out invitations

As an existing user, you hold the power to expand our community. Introduce your entrepreneur friends to a platform that you’ve benefited from.

The onboarding process

Once your friends sign up using your referral link, they have a substantial window of 180 days to successfully onboard a resource.

Reap the rewards

Upon successful onboarding, it’s celebration time! Both you and your referred entrepreneur will receive a handsome reward of $500.

Three easy ways to refer your fellow entrepreneurs

1. Directly from the platform

Simply login and navigate to the “Referral Rewards” section. Here, you can conveniently input your friend’s contact details, and we’ll send them a personalized email with the referral link.

2. Share on social media

Find a pre-generated referral link on the right side of the “Referral Rewards” section. With just a click, share this link across your social media channels and broaden your outreach.

3. Craft a personal touch

For those who prefer a more personal touch, craft your own email and include the referral link for your friend.

Why engage in Global Squirrels B2B Referral Program?

Exclusive B2B benefits

Our B2B referral program is a pivotal tool for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. The joy of earning while helping a friend discover an amazing platform is unmatched. Both you and your referred friend get rewarded, making it a sweet deal for both parties.

Mutual rewards

By introducing friends and fellow entrepreneurs to Global Squirrels, you’re helping build a stronger, interconnected network of professionals. This can bring about collaborative opportunities in the future!

Nurture the network

Every entrepreneur you introduce adds value to the Global Squirrels community. A robust community translates to more collaboration opportunities, knowledge sharing, and business growth.

Win-win earnings

Make a successful referral and both you and your introduced entrepreneur pocket a cool $500. It’s business, network, and rewards combined!

Start inviting today, and let the rewards roll in!

The journey of entrepreneurship is replete with challenges, but it’s the connections we forge that often pave the path to success. The Global Squirrels Referral Program is a beacon for those connections, fostering a platform where business growth and networking go hand in hand.

So, dear users, dive deep into your contacts, identify friends who can benefit from Global Squirrels, and start sending out those invites. As they say, good things (and great platforms!) are meant to be shared.

Remember, together we grow, together we prosper.

Hop onto your Global Squirrels account today and start your referral journey!

*Terms and Conditions apply. Ensure that your friend onboards a resource within the stipulated 180 days to claim the reward. Happy referring!

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