Leveraging Technology to Automate International Hiring and Payroll Management

Automate International Hiring & Payroll Management

With the advent of technology in all major domains, humans are moving towards a more dynamic, progressive and efficient future. When there is tech available in open space, business experts should learn how to take advantage of it. Leaders in recruiting/payroll industry have been very strong at using/adopting various tools and technologies that help ease their recruiting/payroll process. But still, there is an active search for one robust solution that has everything in it from recruiting to payroll to benefits to compliance.

We all know that recruiting is a time-eating tardy task, there is nothing much we can do if we rely on humans alone. We need technology to streamline the quicks and eliminate the delays in the hiring process. A stand-alone solution to enhance the recruiting process from its very roots is always appreciated. At the same time, we need to understand that technology cannot do everything on its own, it needs a human touch to deliver fruitful results. A software can help us in maintaining a database of candidates, profile suggestions, schedule interviews, issue offer letters, etc. whereas humans can extend their support in filtering, assessment, and negotiations.

Database of vetted global talents

It is always a painful task to start from scratch for every new vacant position. Instead, we can make use of a database that has certain filters to show us the top talents available along with their pay range, experience, and skill set. Global Squirrels has a large database of extremely talented people hailing from various countries across the world.

From profiles to offer letter, everything is automated

It is a complex process to gather profiles, filter, call, and schedule interviews. Recruiters spend a lot of time dealing with hefty processes as there are high chances of losing track in between. Here comes the technology that we needed to overcome this delayed process and establish a constructive hiring process. Once you place the request to hire a new employee, you’ll get three qualified profiles to assess on your dashboard. If you think the profiles are matching with your job description, you can specify your available timings to initiate the interviews. Global Squirrels will schedule the interviews as per your available timings and seek your feedback. If you are good with any of the candidates, just say yes and leave everything else to Global Squirrels.

Benefits and beyond

When you hire employees from different countries, it’s difficult to offer a common benefits package to all the employees. With Global Squirrels, you can roll out various custom benefits as per the persona of people living in respective countries. You can always add/customize go-beyond benefits (Health insurance, PF, paid holiday packages, mutual funds, etc.) to your basic benefits package to ensure greater employee satisfaction.

Stay assured of statutory compliance

There is a government between you and your employee. It’s not as simple as you hire an employee, getting the work done, paying him/her, and completing the project. You need to abide by certain federal employment regulations which are nothing less than a migraine in your head. The issues related to compliance create havoc as they cost a bomb, and the worst thing about these laws is their rapidly changing nature. To save you from such federal compliance issues, Global Squirrels takes care of each and every legal aspect of international hiring and employee management. Be assured of the laws related to anti-discrimination, immigration, wages, hours, leave entitlements, safety, employee benefits, workspaces, etc.

Hassle-free international payments

Payroll is not as simple as it looks, it’s not just a mere transaction that you make from your bank account. You need to be cautious about mandatory deductions, security funds, etc. The real problem is when you have to pay salaries to multiple employees situated in multiple countries. It will be a mammoth task for any company to handle all the payments on its own. Global Squirrels has already established international payment channels, having the capability to transfer payments instantly and compliantly. With Global Squirrels, you can pay all your employees without any delays or bottlenecks.


This is the time to learn how to use technology to streamline the international hiring process. Global Squirrels is the technology you are looking for to simplify your international hiring and payroll management. Find the perfect person for your job, fasten your hiring process and simplify your international payroll with Global Squirrels all-in-one SaaS platform. Automate your entire global hiring and payroll process and let your employees focus more on branding and analytics.

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