Streamlining International Talent Acquisition through EOR – Learn the benefits

Streamlining International Talent Acquisition through EOR

The global hiring process turns into challenging as managing cross-border employees is not an easy task. Global talent acquisition involves many factors that employers need to consider during global hiring. The challenges can be eliminated with the Employer of Record platform’s support. In this blog, we will discuss global talent acquisition with the help of an Employer of Record (EOR). 

Let’s first understand what an EOR is!

Employer of Record: What does it mean?

Employer of Record (EOR) is a service provider that supports employers in hiring and payroll management. The platform offers a candidate pool from several industries and domains, schedules interviews with the candidates, helps in onboarding, and provides support in compliance with local labor laws, etc. 

Even the platform also helps in managing payroll compensation and benefits calculations, tax deductions, and so on. In short, an EOR is the legal entity of employers that can support every step of hiring global employees for your business.

How does EOR help in global talent acquisition? Learn the facts

Cross-border hiring requires a detailed strategy:

  1. Employers need to determine which country offers the best talent with an affordable package.
  2. They need to determine whether the country’s employment laws support remote hiring.
  3. They need to prepare legal contracts that need to be signed between the employer and the employee after finalizing the employment. 

Employer of Record service providers like Global Squirrels provide all these services for global employers. EOR platform could be the one-stop solution for talent acquisition beyond the borders. Let’s check out its benefits: 

Hire local talent

EOR platform offers a massive talent pool. Even the candidates are from several industries. You can check their profiles to interview the right talent to meet the requirements. An EOR knows the local market more profoundly than a global employer. Therefore, you will get the best onboard. 

Less administrative burden

 An EOR can perform all the administrative tasks like scheduling interviews, arranging legal documents, helping in calculating compensation and taxes, etc. These are time-consuming tasks that an EOR service provider can perform while taking less time with accuracy. 

Low risk and compliance

 The platform supports legal documentation. Every country has separate employment laws, which are administered by the country’s Labor Ministry. Any clause that is missed may attract penalties and fines. An EOR reduces the risk of legal consequences and provides support in compliance. It can save time and money for employers. 

Understand the local market better

Employer of Record helps employers find the best candidate within the specific country they need. Plus, the platform acts as your legal entity, which knows and understands the competitive package of local employees. This means global talent acquisition goes smoothly, and both parties agree on a package and other benefits. Global Squirrels also supports employers in acquiring the best talent under the most competitive package. 

Seamless onboarding and offboarding

You can hire global talent with the help of an EOR. Similarly, if you’re not happy and satisfied with the performance of the employees, you can offboard them anytime. In that case, the platform supports all the local labor laws and helps in compliance during the offboarding procedure. 

Fastest hiring speed

 An EOR supports global employers by saving time. The platform reduces time by providing a systematic approach to hiring so that employers can avoid the complex process and talent acquisition finishes smoothly.

 Cost saving hiring

An EOR provides multiple services ranging from hiring to payroll. If you go for an entity setup option, you need to pay for every phase separately. Your international talent acquisition would be expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, if you use an EOR platform, you do not need to pay everyone associated with the hiring process. Instead, you only need to pay the EOR service charge and get all the things done with accuracy and faster.

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Hire global employees with Global Squirrels – A comprehensive EOR service provider

Global hiring is associated with time and money. If you want to get an EOR with less price and more productivity, use Global Squirrels EOR service. The platform supports talent acquisition from multiple countries and complies with local labor laws and compliance.

With hiring, the platform also supports payroll management for your employees, including calculating compensation and benefits, managing leave and attendance sheets, and many more.  

The comprehensive EOR platform is available at $199/employee/month onwards. 


An EOR can eliminate the challenges of global hiring complexities by simplifying the legal and administrative process. A faster process can save you money and time for your global talent acquisition. Global Squirrels, the SaaS platform, performs the hiring of global talent to provide your hiring operations with minimum expenses.