Top 9 Reasons to Hire Employees from India – A Comprehensive Guide

Hire Employees from India

India has been emerging as the destination of a global talent pool for employers across the globe. There are multiple reasons that employers prefer to hire employees from India. If you are planning to hire professionals from India, you must contemplate the parameters that drive you to get the best candidate from India. 

In today’s post, we will highlight India as the prime location to hire professionals and what measures help employers during the hiring process. 

Statistics of Indian talent and skills for remote jobs

The Indian talent pool is undeniably attractive for global remote jobs, thanks to a combination of factors like affordability, skillset, and cultural understanding. 

Here’s an overview of some relevant data that may help employers to hire employees from India

Market size

  • India boasts the second-largest English-speaking population in the world, reaching over 220 million individuals.
  • The Indian IT workforce alone is projected to reach 11 million by 2025, making it the largest globally.
  • The entire Indian freelance and remote work market is estimated to grow at a staggering 21.3% CAGR, reaching $55 billion by 2027.

Skills and expertise

  • India excels in fields like software development, IT infrastructure, data analysis, content writing, and digital marketing.
  • Indian professionals are famous for their strong technical skills, analytical abilities, and problem-solving prowess.
  • They are also generally adaptable and quick learners, making them comfortable with new technologies and work environments.

Why do employers hire employees from India – top 9 reasons

Employers often choose to hire employees from India for various decisive reasons. The decision is influenced by a combination of India’s educational system, the skill set of its workforce, economic factors, and other distinctive attributes. 

Here’s a detailed discussion of why employers hire employees from India:

1. Large and diverse talent pool

  • Skilled workforce: India has one of the world’s largest and youngest workforces. This vast pool offers a diverse range of skills and specializations.
  • Specialized expertise: Particularly in fields like IT, engineering, finance, and medicine, Indian professionals often possess highly technical skills.

2. Strong educational background

  • STEM education: India places a strong command on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, producing a significant number of graduates in these fields annually.
  • English language proficiency: As English is a primary language of instruction from school to higher education, many Indian professionals are fluent in English, facilitating ease of communication in global business contexts.

3. Cost-effective labor

  • Competitive salaries: Due to differences in the cost of living and economic factors, employers can often hire skilled Indian professionals at more competitive wages compared to local hires in Western countries.
  • Operational costs: This cost-effectiveness extends to operational savings, as remote or offshore hiring reduces the need for physical office space and related expenses.

4. Experience with global markets

  • Adaptability: Many Indian professionals are experienced in working with international clients and understand global market dynamics, making them adaptable to various work cultures.
  • Outsourcing experience: India’s long-standing role as a leading outsourcing destination means its workforce is familiar with the demands and expectations of foreign employers.

5. Strong IT and technical expertise

  • IT hub: India is often termed as an IT hub with a reputation for excellence in information technology and software development.
  • Innovation and creativity: Indian professionals are increasingly recognized for their innovative and creative problem-solving abilities in technical fields.

6. Flexibility in work hours

  • Time zone flexibility: For companies based in different time zones, Indian professionals often offer flexible work hours, facilitating 24/7 operations and customer support.

7. Quality of work

  • Work ethic: Indian professionals are known for their powerful work ethic, dedication, and commitment to quality.
  • Continuous learning: There is a cultural emphasis on constant learning and professional development, which keeps the workforce dynamic and evolving.

8. Growing digital infrastructure

  • Technological advancements: India has been rapidly advancing in digital infrastructure, enhancing its capability to support remote and specialized work efficiently.

9. Cultural compatibility

  • Global outlook: Exposure to diverse cultures and global media makes many Indian professionals culturally compatible with international workplaces.

The above reasons encourage global employers to hire employees from India. 

How do you hire employees from India remotely?

Hiring employees from India remotely involves a series of well-planned steps, considering both the vast talent pool available and the logistical and legal aspects of international and remote employment. Here’s a brief on how to do this effectively:

Define the role and requirements

  • Job description: Clearly outline the role, responsibilities, required skills, and qualifications. Specify that the position is remote and clarify if any specific time zone overlap is needed.

Leverage multiple sourcing channels

  • LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn for targeted searches and to post job ads.
  • Freelance platforms: For project-based work, explore platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal.
  • Recruitment agencies: Consider partnering with recruitment agencies that specialize in remote hiring or have a presence in India.

Understand legal implications

  • Employment laws: Familiarize yourself with Indian employment laws, focusing on contract work if applicable.
  • Tax laws: Understand the tax implications for both the employer and the employee. This includes how to handle payroll and tax withholding in India.

Screening and interview process

  • Resume screening: Filter applications based on skills and experience.
  • Interviews: Conduct video interviews to assess candidates’ communication skills, expertise, and cultural fit.
  • Skill assessments: Depending on the role, consider skill assessment tests.

Use technology for onboarding

  • Digital onboarding: Develop a comprehensive onboarding process utilizing digital tools.
  • Training: Implement training sessions to acquaint the new hire with your company’s tools, policies, and culture.

Regular communication and integration

  • Communication tools: Use tools like Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams for regular communication.
  • Team integration: Facilitate virtual introductions and team meetings to integrate the remote employee into your team.

You must understand the remote hiring measures if you want to hire employees from India. An AI-integrated platform like Global Squirrels can assist you in this process. 

For further information, please read our hiring guide Hire Employees in India.

How to simplify hiring from India with Global Squirrels

Global Squirrels is a SaaS product that helps employers access employee profiles from India in several industries. The platform allows you to pick the most suitable candidates for your organization to expand your workforce. The platform has a massive global talent pool from several industries and domains. 

Additionally, with the hiring, the AI-integrated platform also assists in payroll management. Payroll is the second important measure for remote hiring; picking the right people is the first step to take.

Compensation and tax calculation, managing leave and benefit sheets, compliance with international labor laws, etc., are crucial, and the platform helps employers during the process. 

The benefits employers receive to hire employees from India remotely

Multiple advantages can keep you ahead once you sign up with Global Squirrels, including: 

  • You can access a massive number of talented professionals 
  • No need to set up any entity to hire local employees
  • There are no bloated markups or agency fees; you only need to pay a license fee per hire 
  • Besides hiring, it can help you comply with international laws
  • Additionally, you can hire contractors 

Global Squirrels is an AI-integrated platform that charges only $199/month/employee. There are other plans available according to your requirements. Request a demo and access the massive talent pool to build your efficient team. 


The comprehend reasons encourage global employers to hire employees from India. The massive skilled workforce, technological integration, professional ethics and approach, and global mindset make India the top destination for hiring professionals remotely. Furthermore, Global Squirrels-like platforms ease the remote hiring process.

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