Work Culture in Mexico – Learn the facts

Work Culture in Mexico

The 13th largest country in the world, Mexico, is famous for its geographic locations and demographic variations. High mountains and deep canyons make the country beautiful. However, the work culture in Mexico is also praiseworthy, attracting global employers for remote hiring. 

In this blog, we will highlight the keynotes about the country’s talent pool, industries, etc, and the work culture in Mexico in detail. 

There is a massive talent pool in Mexico, which is based on several industries and domains. 

Let’s understand the Mexican work culture and learn how the employees will add value to your organization. 

The talent pool of Mexico

The talent pool in Mexico is massive and diverse in terms of the age of the employees, qualifications, skills, expertise, etc. See the discussions below for more info.

The talent pool is categorized under several subcategories. They are: 

Large & growing

Size & Growth:

Mexico boasts a total workforce of over 58 million people, with a significant portion entering the workforce each year. It contributes to a continuously expanding talent pool.

Young demographics

Over half of the population is under 30, highlighting a youthful and energetic workforce with the potential for long-term career growth.

Rising education levels

Education rates are steadily increasing, with more individuals attaining higher education qualifications, contributing to a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Skillset and Specialization

Diverse skill sets

The talent pool covers various skills and expertise across various industries, including IT, finance, creative, etc.

Tech talent focus

Mexico is experiencing a significant boom in the tech sector, leading to a rising pool of skilled developers, software engineers, and IT professionals.

Bilingual capabilities

Many Mexican professionals speak English fluently, facilitating communication and collaboration in international teams.


Competitive salaries

Mexico’s salaries are generally lower than other developed countries, offering cost advantages for employers seeking remote talent.

Lower operational costs

Remote hiring in Mexico can lead to reduced expenses on office space, equipment, and other operational costs.

Overall, the Mexican talent pool offers a promising option for employers seeking skilled, cost-effective, and diverse talent with the potential to contribute significantly to their business goals. 

Companies can strategize effectively and leverage the Mexican talent pool for successful remote recruitment and team building by understanding its characteristics, strengths, and challenges.

Significant industries in Mexico for remote hiring

Several industries in Mexico generate employment locally. Among all, the IT industry is leading the remote hiring process. However, there are other industries where employees prefer working. 

Here is the list: 

Information Technology (IT)

Mexico boasts a large and growing pool of skilled IT professionals at competitive rates compared to other regions. It makes it a prime location for hiring software developers, engineers, data analysts, cybersecurity specialists, and other IT roles.

Customer service and Support

Mexico’s bilingual workforce (Spanish and English) excels in customer service roles. Companies can find representatives, technical support agents, and account managers with strong communication skills and cultural understanding.

Marketing and Design

Mexico has a vibrant creative scene with talented graphic designers, web designers, content creators, and marketing professionals. It is an excellent option for remote teams requiring graphic design, website development, social media management, and content marketing expertise.

Finance and Accounting

Mexico offers skilled accountants, financial analysts, and bookkeepers familiar with international accounting standards. It allows remote finance teams to handle accounts payable/receivable, financial reporting, and data analysis.

The parameters to consider for work culture in Mexico

There are specific parameters included in the work culture in Mexico that employers will consider before hiring employees remotely. Such as: 

Skills and experience: Match the industry’s specific skills requirements with the available talent pool in Mexico.

Language needs: Assess if bilingual skills are needed and the level of English proficiency required for the roles.

Legal and HR compliance: Ensure you understand and comply with Mexican labor laws and regulations for remote hiring.

By strategically exploring these industries and considering the relevant factors, you can confidently leverage Mexico’s potential for successful remote hiring and build strong, productive teams.

Significant cities in Mexico for remote hiring

Mexico boasts several dynamic cities with robust talent pools suitable for remote hiring, each offering unique advantages. Here’s a list you can explore:

Guadalajara: A burgeoning tech hub nicknamed “Silicon Valley of Mexico,” brimming with software developers, designers, and engineers. Guadalajara also offers strong IT, customer service, and creative talent.

Mexico City: The bustling capital city boasts the largest talent pool in Mexico, offering expertise across various industries, including IT, finance, marketing, and administrative support. The city also attracts global companies, contributing to a diverse and international talent pool.

Monterrey: Renowned for its manufacturing prowess, Monterrey is also emerging as a tech and innovation center. Companies can find skilled engineers, data analysts, and professionals in finance and operations here.

Tijuana: Bordering the US, Tijuana boasts bilingual talent with expertise in manufacturing, customer service, and logistics. It can be ideal for companies seeking close proximity to North American markets.

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Salary ranges of various industries in Mexico

Salary ranges differ based on a few measures like skills, experience, expertise, and qualification background. Based on this measure, here is an average range of salaries in several industries: 

Industry  Average monthly salary (USD) Average monthly salary in Mexican Peso Range (USD & Peso)
Information technology  $1,300 – $2,500 22,263.90MXN – 42,814.93MXN Junior developers: $1,000 – $1,500 ( 17,125MXN – 25,684MXN)

Senior developers: 

$2,000 – $4,000+(34,245MXN – 68,474+MXN)

Customer service & support $800 – $1,000 13,695MXN – 17,121MXN Bilingual representatives: $1,000 – $1,500 (17,121MXN – 25,681MXN)

Technical support: 

$900 – $1,3000 (15,412MXN – 22,265MXN)

Marketing & design  $1,000 – $2,000 17,121MXN – 34,252MXN Graphic designers: 

$900 – $1,500 ( 15,414MXN – 25,690MXN)

Marketing managers: 

$1,500 – $2,000+ ( 25,690MXN – 34,252+MXN)

Finance & accounting  $1,200 – $2,200 20,554MXN – 37,681MXN Accountants $1,200 – $1,800 ( 20,552MXN – 30,828MXN)

Financial analyst: 

$1,500 – $ 2,500+  (25,689MXN – 42,814+MXN)

What is the work culture in Mexico?

The work culture in Mexico is a unique blend of influences shaped by its rich history, strong family values, and growing modern economy. Here are some key characteristics:

Formal hierarchy

The work culture in Mexico tends to have a more formal hierarchy than those in North America. Respect for authority figures is emphasized, and decisions often flow from the top down. Communication might involve addressing superiors with specific titles and following established chains of commands.

Strong teamwork

Collaboration and cooperation are highly valued in Mexican teams. Individual achievements are often celebrated within the context of team wins, and building strong personal relationships with colleagues is essential for success.

Dedication and Hard work

Mexicans are known for their strong work ethic and dedication. Extended hours are standard, and employees often take pride in putting in extra effort to achieve goals.

Family first

Family is central to Mexican culture, which can sometimes impact work-life balance. Employees may need to take time off for family emergencies or celebrations, and punctuality may sometimes be more relaxed than in other cultures.

Informal communication

Despite the formal hierarchy, communication in Mexican workplaces can also be relatively informal and friendly. Jokes, banter, and casual conversations are common, and building personal relationships with colleagues is essential.

Respectful interactions

Courtesy and respect towards colleagues and superiors are paramount in Mexican work culture. Using polite language, maintaining eye contact, and avoiding confrontational behavior is essential for navigating professional relationships.

Siesta tradition

In some parts of Mexico, businesses still observe a siesta in the early afternoon. This can lead to a slower pace of work during this time, and it’s essential to be mindful of cultural differences when scheduling meetings or deadlines.

Changes and Modernization

Like many countries, the work culture in Mexico is evolving, with younger generations embracing more casual and flexible work styles. However, the core values of respect, dedication, and collaboration remain strong.

Understanding these characteristics can help you navigate the workplace effectively if you are working with Mexican colleagues or doing business in Mexico. Be mindful of cultural differences, prioritize building relationships, and adapt your communication style to fit the situation.

When summarizing the key points of Mexico’s work culture, it’s helpful to focus on aspects relevant to specific purposes, such as intercultural awareness, business interaction, or career preparation. 

Remote hiring of Mexican employees would be easy if you followed the local labor laws, labor guidelines, compliances, and other hiring protocols. 

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In conclusion 

The work culture in Mexico is diverse and helps employers to hire professionals. Young and dynamic professionals from several industries are available in Mexico. Additionally, Global Squirrels helps employers to hire Mexican employees in their organizations in a hassle-free manner. Sign up with Global Squirrels and make your hiring process simple.

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