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Product Manager

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Eduardo hernandez

Product Manager

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Product Manager

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Product Manager

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Product Manager

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Product Manager

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INR 308333.33/month


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The Global Squirrels commitment to product excellence

Strategized success

Our sourced product managers are poised to architect and implement strategies that set your products apart.

Transparent fee structure

Say goodbye to hidden recruitment fees. You pay only for the manager's remuneration and a modest platform charge.

Fluid operations

From initial interest to final onboarding, we ensure a seamless transition across all processes.

Power your product ambitions

With the industry's best by your side, envision and execute products that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Hire product managers with Global Squirrels

Crafting legacies: Source and engage leading product managers for trailblazing solutions

Behind every groundbreaking product lies the strategic genius of a Product Manager. Navigating the complex maze of product development requires a unique blend of creativity, technical acumen, and market insight.

Global Squirrels is here to simplify your quest. Delve into our vast reservoir of product manager specialists who not only comprehend the nuances of product design and execution but also anticipate market trends. We're more than a platform; we're your partner in curating product excellence.

The product manager challenge

Blueprint to reality

A product manager transforms product visions into tangible results.

Balancing excellence and budget

Quality often comes at a price. Finding the ideal fit within financial parameters is crucial.

The recruitment riddle

Not all product management recruiting firms deliver the specialists you seek.

Why Global Squirrels leads in product manager recruitment

Strategic thinkers

Access product managers who are not just executors but visionaries.

Value meets expertise

With Global Squirrels, you're ensured of top-tier talent without compromising on the budget.

Revolutionized hiring

Old-school is pass. We bring a fresh, efficient approach to the recruitment landscape, especially when you're keen to hire remote product managers.

Product management brilliance on display

Want to delve deeper? Discover how Global Squirrels is transforming the product manager recruiters scene. Whether you're evaluating or ready to dive in, our specialists are here to guide.

Trusted by global businesses


We assist businesses in discovering and capitalizing on top global talent through our comprehensive recruitment and payroll system.

How does Global Squirrels ensure the caliber of product managers?

Through a robust screening mechanism, we ensure that when you seek to hire remote product managers, they align with global product excellence standards.

Hidden costs?

At Global Squirrels, transparency is paramount. Beyond the stated fees, you might encounter a singular fee for managers sourced through our product manager recruitment agency.

What's the expected onboarding duration?

Speed is our forte. Our streamlined approach ensures the swift integration of your chosen product manager.

Do you cater to specific niches within product management?

Absolutely! Be it general roles or product manager specialists, Global Squirrels covers the full spectrum.

What if the manager's vision diverges from ours?

Your product’s success is our metric. In case of vision disparities, our team intervenes, ensuring alignment and continuity.

How is my data protected with Global Squirrels?

Security isn’t an afterthought. Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption, we guarantee confidentiality as you work with product management recruiting firms.

How do I embark on the hiring journey?

Beginning is straightforward. Register, choose your package, and let our product manager recruitment agency manage the rest.

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