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Global Talent Spotlight

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Mark Biron

Digital Marketing Manager

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Karina Shannen

Digital Marketing Manager

Est. Hiring Cost:


Emiliano Gomezcesar

Digital Marketing Manager

Est. Hiring Cost:



Digital Marketing Manager

Est. Hiring Cost:


Ana Paulina

Digital Marketing Manager

Est. Hiring Cost:


Oscar osvaldo ponce

Digital Marketing Manager

Est. Hiring Cost:



Digital Marketing Manager

Est. Hiring Cost:



Digital Marketing Manager

Est. Hiring Cost:


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The Global Squirrels commitment to digital marketing

Proactive strategy development

Digital marketing managers sourced from us are equipped to craft and execute potent online strategies, keeping your brand ahead of the curve.

Straightforward pricing

Our clear pricing ensures you pay only for the manager's compensation and a minimal platform fee.

Streamlined operations

Our platform manages diverse remuneration processes, ensuring you can focus solely on your marketing strategies.

Drive your digital ambitions

Set forth on your digital campaigns knowing you've got the industry's best of the best by your side.

Hire digital marketing managers with Global Squirrels

Boost your online presence: Engage the finest digital marketing managers from the digital domain

Digital marketing isn't just about ads; it's about creating impactful narratives, understanding consumer behaviors, and harnessing the potential of various online platforms. The need for a versatile digital marketing manager, or even specialized ones like those in freelance email marketing, has never been more pronounced.

Global Squirrels offers the solution, connecting you to a vast array of digital marketing talent. Beyond just a portal to hire marketing freelancers, we facilitate your endeavor to collaborate with top-tier digital marketing professionals from around the world. Our expansive platform even allows businesses to explore options like freelance digital marketing from home.

The digital marketing manager challenge

Digital evolution

The digital landscape is continuously evolving, demanding marketers to be adaptive and updated.

Valuable skills, valuable investment

Exceptional digital marketing skills come at a premium. Ensuring you get the best talent without straining your budget becomes a tightrope walk.

Additional agency costs

Traditional recruitment can often involve unforeseen expenses, complicating the hiring landscape.

Why choose Global Squirrels for digital marketing talent?

Global Reach with digital prowess

Our platform connects you to digital marketing managers with global insights, ensuring your campaigns resonate on a global scale.

Value for every penny

With Global Squirrels, you can rest easy knowing you'll receive the best digital marketing talent without the often-associated high costs.

The future of hiring

Our modernized approach ensures a smooth hiring experience, from initial inquiries to final onboarding.

Digital marketing mastery displayed

Looking for more details? Explore how Global Squirrels is revamping the digital hiring scene. Whether you're still mulling over or all set to dive in, our specialists are here to assist.

Trusted by global businesses


We assist businesses in discovering and capitalizing on top global talent through our comprehensive recruitment and payroll system.

How does Global Squirrels maintain a top-tier pool of digital marketing managers?

We implement a stringent vetting process, ensuring that every digital marketing manager, whether a full-timer or someone in freelance digital marketing from home, adheres to global excellence standards.

Any hidden costs I should be wary of?

We champion clarity. Beyond the outlined fees, the only additional charge is a one-time recruitment fee for marketers brought in via our platform, ensuring there’s no ambiguity when you aim to hire marketing freelancers.

How fast is the onboarding process?

 Built for agility, our system often enables clients to hire digital marketing employees within a mere week.

Considering freelancers or remote workers?

Absolutely! Be it for specialized roles like freelance email marketing or more general freelance digital marketing from home roles, Global Squirrels is primed to cater to diverse hiring needs.

What if there's a misalignment of expectations?

Your success drives us. Should there be a divergence, our proactive team steps in to streamline things, ensuring your campaigns remain on track.

How protected is my data?

Security is non-negotiable for us. Employing advanced encryption methods, your data’s sanctity is preserved, especially crucial when dealing with freelance digital marketing salary negotiations and other sensitive information.

Eager to kick things off?

Beginning is a breeze. Just register on our platform, select your preferred package, and let us navigate the path forward.

Global Squirrels platform to hire top-notch digital marketing managers!

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