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Ascary Cerecedo

Sales Consultant

Est. Hiring Cost:


Christian Honorio

Sales Consultant

Est. Hiring Cost:


Avishek Thakur

Sales Consultant

Est. Hiring Cost:


Vipul Gupta

Sales Consultant

Est. Hiring Cost:


Nilesh Sinha

Sales Consultant

Est. Hiring Cost:


Mitul Yadav

Sales Consultant

Est. Hiring Cost:


Ashish Sakhare

Sales Consultant

Est. Hiring Cost:


Ankita Wankhede

Sales Consultant

Est. Hiring Cost:


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The Global Squirrels pledge for sales consultancy

Focused strategy

Sales Consultants sourced via our platform are committed to tailoring and executing sales strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Hassle-free operational flow

Say goodbye to the challenges of payroll management. We've got you covered across different regions and currencies.

Clear-cut pricing

Evade bloated recruitment expenses. Our transparent pricing ensures you're billed for the consultant's compensation and a minor platform charge.

Amplify your sales drive

Kickstart your sales campaigns with the knowledge that you're backed by the cream of the sales consultancy crop.

Hire sales consultants with Global Squirrels

Shape your sales strategy: Engage renowned sales consultants from worldwide markets

Selling isn't just about the product; it's about understanding customer needs, market dynamics, and crafting compelling narratives. Recognizing this, the demand for a seasoned Sales Consultant, especially ones specialized like a healthcare sales consultant, is surging.

Global Squirrels rises to the occasion, linking you to a broad array of sales talent. Far more than just a platform to hire freelancers online, we simplify your journey to connect with premier sales consultants from a variety of sectors. Not just limited to full-time roles, our platform even lets you explore options to hire marketing freelancers or freelance sales consultants for project-based needs.

The sales consultant dilemma

Sales expertise quest

As markets become intricate, identifying Sales Consultants with the ideal blend of experience and adaptability turns increasingly challenging.

Price for premium skills

Superior sales expertise often comes with a hefty price tag. Balancing cost and value becomes paramount.

Overheads and agency charges

Conventional recruitment often tags along additional costs, making the hiring process pricier and murkier.

Why Global Squirrels is a cut above in sales talent acquisition

Cross-border Expertise

We connect you to Sales Consultants with insights from diverse markets, ensuring a holistic sales strategy for your business.

Optimal value proposition

With Global Squirrels, rest assured you get premium sales talent without the exorbitant fees usually tagged with such experts.

Innovative hiring approach

We've moved beyond the norm. From initiation to final onboarding, our platform promises a smooth, user-friendly experience.

Exhibit of sales excellence

Desire More Clarity? Learn how Global Squirrels is revolutionizing the way companies hire the best sales consultants. Whether still deliberating or all set to make the move, our experts are poised to guide you.

Trusted by global businesses


We assist businesses in discovering and capitalizing on top global talent through our comprehensive recruitment and payroll system.

How does Global Squirrels ensure top-notch Sales Consultants?

Through a rigorous vetting process, we guarantee every Sales Consultant, be it full-time or freelance sales consultant, meets global standards of excellence.

Any veiled charges?

We prioritize transparency. Aside from the indicated charges, the sole extra fee is a singular recruitment cost for consultants introduced through our platform. This commitment to clarity sets us apart when you wish to hire freelancers online.

How brisk is the onboarding?

Our infrastructure is tailored for efficiency. Often, our clients can hire the best Sales Consultants in as little as a week.

Considering temporary roles or project-based consultants?

Absolutely! From full-time roles to freelance sales consultants, Global Squirrels is equipped for varied scales of needs.

Encounter any misalignment?

 We measure our success by your sales metrics. Should there be any mismatch, we actively intervene to ensure alignment with your objectives.

How secure is my data with Global Squirrels?

Trust sits at our core. Leveraging state-of-the-art encryption practices, we ensure all your data remains utterly confidential when you hire freelancers online.

Ready to initiate?

Kickstarting is straightforward. Register on our platform, opt for your preferred package, and let us lead the way.

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With effective sales consultancy, business growth is inevitable. Through Global Squirrels, you're not just recruiting; you're gearing up for transformative sales success.