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In the current scenario, every business designs its marketing strategy, expansion plan, and sales strategy based on its database. Therefore, business data is essential to optimize the growth of the company. A data engineer, thus, plays a significant role in growing the company successfully. 

In this blog, we will highlight how a Data Analyst Engineer position is important and how our product, Global Squirrels, helps you to find the best prospective employee for your company.

Data and analytics subdomain detail

In Data and Analytics, four subdomains are vital positions in organizations. The subdomains are


Statisticians collect, analyze, and interpret data to extract meaningful insights. Organizations hire Statisticians to use their statistical expertise to help businesses make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and optimize operations.

Data scientists

Data Scientists play a vital role in organizational functions. Data scientists are responsible for extracting meaningful insights from data to drive business decisions. They use their technical skills and analytical thinking to collect, clean, analyze, and interpret data. Organizations hire Data Scientists to develop and implement data-driven solutions to improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and product development.

QA analytics

QA Analytics, also known as Quality Assurance Analytics, is the application of data analysis techniques to improve the quality of software products. Organizations hire QA Analytics to use data to identify and track software defects, measure the effectiveness of testing efforts, and optimize the software development process.

QA engineers

QA engineers, also known as quality assurance engineers or software testers, play a crucial role in software development by ensuring that the software meets the required quality standards. Companies hire QA Engineers to design, develop, and execute test plans to identify and report bugs, ensuring that the software functions as intended and is defects-free.

Why do you need a data analyst expert for your company?

Because the job role of a Data Analyst is vital for a company’s growth in terms of business expansion, if your organization functions on clients’ massive databases, then you need a Data Analyst expert to chalk out the marketing plan, sales strategy, and promote products/services to reach the maximum audiences. 

Expert Data AnalystAn expert data analyst provides extensive business insights, including

Data collection

Data analysts gather relevant data from various sources, including databases, spreadsheets, APIs, and external data providers. They ensure data accuracy, completeness, and relevance to the analysis goals.

Data cleaning and pre-processing

Raw data often contains errors, inconsistencies, missing values, and outliers. Data analysts clean and preprocess the data to ensure it is suitable for analysis, including tasks like data imputation, normalization, and outlier detection.

Data exploration

Data analysts perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) to understand the dataset’s characteristics, distributions, trends, and correlations. It helps identify patterns and insights that may inform further research.

Statistical analysis

They apply statistical techniques to analyze data, including hypothesis testing, regression analysis, clustering, and classification. Statistical analysis helps in drawing meaningful conclusions from data and making data-driven decisions.

Data visualization

Data Analyst engineers create visualizations such as charts, graphs, and dashboards to present findings and insights clearly and understandably. Effective data visualization aids in communicating complex information to stakeholders.

Data interpretation

They provide interpretation and context to the data, explaining the implications of the analysis results and how they relate to the organization’s goals and objectives.

Business insights

Data analysts collaborate with business stakeholders to translate data findings into actionable insights that can drive business strategy, improve operations, and optimize decision-making.

A/B testing

They design and conduct A/B tests to evaluate the impact of changes or interventions on key metrics. It helps businesses make data-driven decisions about product improvements or marketing strategies.

Data security and compliance

They are responsible for ensuring data privacy and compliance with relevant data protection regulations, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the analysis process.

Data Analyst Expert

Why is the remote data analyst workforce beneficial in the long run?

There are a few measures that demonstrate hiring the most talented and qualified Data Engineers from remote locations. Here are the parameters for your consideration

Access to a global talent pool

Remote work allows organizations to tap into a diverse and global talent pool. They can hire data analysts with specialized skills and expertise regardless of their location. This access to a broader talent pool increases the chances of finding the best-fit candidates for specific data analysis needs.

Cost savings

Remote data analysts often work on a contract or freelance basis, which can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees. This arrangement reduces overhead costs related to office space, equipment, benefits, and other expenses associated with in-house employees.


Hiring remote data analysts can be easily scaled up or down based on project requirements. Organizations can engage additional analysts for short-term projects or scale back during quieter periods, providing flexibility in managing workloads.

Efficiency and productivity

These remote data analysts can work in a comfortable environment that suits their preferences, which often leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity. When employees have the freedom to choose their work environment, they are more likely to produce high-quality work.

Reduced geographic constraints

Organizations are open to hiring data analysts who live in the same geographical area. They can select candidates from anywhere in the world, which can be especially advantageous for companies in regions with a shortage of data analysis talent.

Diversity and inclusion

Remote work promotes diversity and inclusion by breaking down geographic barriers. Companies can foster a more inclusive work environment by hiring talent from different backgrounds and cultures.

Continuity and disaster recovery

A remote Data Analyst can help ensure business continuity in the face of disruptions, such as natural disasters or health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. Operations can continue with minimal interruption when data analysts can work from anywhere.

Technology advancements

Advances in technology, including cloud computing, collaboration tools, and secure data-sharing platforms, have made remote work more accessible and safe. These technological improvements enhance the effectiveness of remote data analysis teams.

Remote countries like India, Bangladesh, Mexico, and the Philippines have a significant talent pool- explore the expert professionals.

India, Bangladesh, Mexico, and the Philippines like countries have a significant talent pool in the Data Analyst Expert category. If you are looking for a qualified, experienced, and skilled workforce to join your organization remotely, then these countries must be the priorities in your search list. Why? Let’s check the table below – 

Considering measures                                           Regions
India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Philippines Other Countries
Qualifications  Highly qualified Highly qualified
Expertized  Significant expertise Moderate expertize
Skill Highly skilled Less skilled
Pay package Comparatively Low Comparatively High

Among the considering measures, their unmatched skill set and relatively low pay package play a crucial role in hiring remote professionals from these countries.  

If you think hiring a remote Data Analyst could be a tedious job, you can shift the process to Global Squirrels, like the Hiring and Payroll Management system, to save your extra time. 

Global Squirrels provides extensive profiles of remote data analyst expert professionals – get in detail.

Global Squirrels Hiring and Payroll Management system is the one-stop solution for remote hiring and payroll systems. The one-in-all SaaS product can save your time by providing services including EOR, PEO, etc. 

We offer a dedicated talent pool of Data Analyst Engineers from various countries like India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Philippines, etc., in our candidate portal. Once you sign up with us, the entire candidate pool will be available to you for the selections. 

Besides, we offer complete HR management services, which include managing payroll systems, tax calculations, benefits sheets, and employment laws based on the local regions. In short, we provide compliance services under one banner.

The advantage list you will get

We value our clients and their decisions. Our designated services, therefore, are prioritized to meet clients’ requirements, which include – 

  • We offer PEO/EOR services 
  • The price range is economical and best in the industry 
  • We provide globally skilled professionals for the hiring 
  • The payroll management system covers the entire payment process
  • There are no markup charges or agency fees we ask
  • There are no geographic boundaries or time zone restrictions, as our executive will be there for your assistance

The pricing plan – flat charge for you

We offer flat charges for our products and services and maintain transparency in all stages. Check the details below: 

Purple plan Orange plan Blue plan 
$199 / month


payroll cost

$1499 recruitment fee ( one-time)

$199 /month + payroll cost

One-time sourcing fee of 15% of employee annual salary

How you can avail of our services – know the process

As the industry standard service provider, Global Squirrels provides an easy and simple method – 

Step 1: Sign up with us

Step 2: Fill up the form and create your account

Step 3: Once your account is created, you will get the professionals’ profile access

Step 4: Select the right candidate

Step 5: Pick the right plan

Step 6: Once you make the payment, we will start the process

Please note that we DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING FOR SIGNUP process. It’s free. 

Do you think Global Squirrels is an expensive deal? no, we handle everything for you at a flat fee.

We offer three pricing plans, Purple Plan, Orange Plan, and Blue Plan, for our product and services. Below are comparative price discussions highlighting our price model, demonstrating how our product is available at a low price. 

Global Squirrels Deel, Remote, Papaya Global etc
Price  $199 + payroll cost  $550+ other charges
Services Hiring + payroll Only Payroll cost – Hiring charge is separate and charge commission based fee per candidate per month
Additional charges Client’s assistance for free Additional charges for additional services 

Concluded part

The upsurge of remote data analysts is in high demand as database management is crucial for any organization’s business. As the remote hiring process is complex and time-consuming, we provide you with the platform to narrow down the time consumption and meet your organization’s requirements.

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