Transform your data into decisions: Hire remote Business Intelligence developers

Transform your data into decisions: Hire remote Business Intelligence developers

Looking for the right Business Intelligence (BI) developer is essential for any business that focuses on analyzing its data to make crucial decisions. BI developers are impactful as they transform data into insights allowing companies to grow significantly.

The success of any business depends on the data and analytics that show a company’s performance. Hence, by hiring remote Business Intelligence developers, we can help business owners make informed decisions with well-analyzed data.

Let us discuss how hiring remote BI developers will bring a competitive advantage to your business:

The importance of Business Intelligence developers

A BI developer’s primary role is to analyze data and prepare detailed reports. In other words, their job role is to help organizations improve business performance by providing insights into the current business status and also provide forecasts based on past data. Let’s learn a few advantages of hiring a remote Business Intelligence developer: 

  • Data-oriented decision-making 

Business Intelligence developers collect raw data, analyze it, and extract the necessary business components. The information further helps the stakeholders in making better decisions.

  • Competitive benefits 

With data analytics, BI developers collect the competitors’ information and identify the current trends, customers’ behaviors, and new opportunities.

  • Enhanced user experience 

While analyzing customer data, a BI developer can identify the loopholes in the current products or services. Based on the analyzed data, modifications can be made to improve user experience.

  • Support strategic planning

The insights of customer data help organizations in strategic planning. This planning helps organizations achieve long-term goals that are necessary for sustainability in the market.

  • Better manage risks

Customer data and market analytics help organizations understand the market better. The outcome helps organizations to lower operational risks, macroeconomic risks, technology risks, and more.

  • Improved productivity

With skilled BI developers, organizations can automate routine tasks and eliminate numerous manual processes. This allows organizations to alleviate bottlenecks, expand productivity, and reduce operational costs. 

Top skills of Business Intelligence developers

Here are the core skills any BI developer must have 

  • Analytical skills 

The candidate must have a strong foundation in data analysis. Proficiency in statistical analysis and predictive modeling will be an added advantage. 

  • Technical prowess

BI developers must have technical knowledge and be able to use sought-after tools like Power BI, Tableau, Business Objects, QlikView, My SQL, etc. They should also be aware of database management, data warehousing principles, and various other concepts in this domain. 

  • Critical thinking

They must have critical thinking skills to validate data sources and analyze data to develop insightful reports.

  • Communication skills

It is paramount for BI professionals to have superior communication skills. Leading from the forefront requires open and clear communication with the stakeholders so that the developers can understand business requirements and deliver the required BI reports.

Hire remote Business Intelligence developers for your team

There is an immense Business intelligence talent available from all over the world, and are available to work remotely.  One of the ways you can hire global talent is by setting up your entity. This requires significant time and funds to set up an entity. Another option is to work with a BPO company, outsourcing agency, or staffing agency to hire remote Business Intelligence developers. This becomes a costly affair as these companies’ charges may be double to triple to you compared to what the Business Intelligence developer is paid.

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Business Intelligence (BI) developers help organizations transform raw information into insights that can be used for decision-making, enhancing user experience, and optimizing operations. Top-tier BI developers are skilled in data analysis and have good technical knowledge of various BI tools. Global Squirrels helps simplify the remote hiring process by managing onboarding and streamlining the payroll process with compliance. Are you eager to learn more about how our business could help you achieve your objectives? Click here!