Unlock your team’s potential: DevOps engineer’s roles and benefits

Unlock your team's potential: DevOps engineer’s roles and benefits

With the growing importance of Web Development and programming, companies regard hiring DevOps engineers as a strategic move. In the same way, these people support bridging gaps that can be encountered between operations and development. Such an approach guarantees the momentum and effectiveness of the software development process. 

Let’s understand DevOps engineer roles and benefits for your organization.

DevOps benefits in your organization

Hiring DevOps engineers can be impactful. They embrace a culture of teamwork and shared responsibility, leading to numerous DevOps benefits.

1. Quick deployments

A streamlined process and automated tasks enable frequent and faster deployments, allowing businesses to respond quickly to market changes and their customers’ needs. According to Google Cloud, elite teams deploy 208 times more frequently and 106 times faster than low-performing teams.

2. Better product quality

Continuous integration and automated testing practices can obtain higher-quality software with fewer bugs.

3. Lower downtime

Having someone proactively monitor and troubleshoot faster minimizes system inefficiencies and downtime. This ensures that there is no wasted time.

4. Market size

According to Market Us, the global DevOps market was $11.5 billion in 2023 and is forecasted to grow with an estimated 19.1% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to $66 billion by 2033.

Now that we understand the benefits of hiring DevOps engineers, let us be aware of DevOps’ roles in your company.

The DevOps engineer roles in your organization

DevOps engineer roles include solving problems quickly and efficiently. They work with other teams in development and operations.

1. Automating processes

Repetitive tasks are automated via tools and scripts that help free up developers and operations professionals to focus on more critical tasks. According to Statista, 51% prefer using AWS CloudFormation templates, which describe the AWS infrastructure the clients use.

2. Implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery (Cl/CD) pipeline

Continuous learning and continuous delivery (Cl/CD) is a method of software development and delivery that uses a cloud computing platform and service that enables faster, more reliable, and more efficient ways of integrating, testing, deploying, and delivering code.

3. Troubleshooting

Engineers must monitor the system’s performance, which helps them identify and resolve issues before they affect users.

Two Strategies to hire DevOps engineers

After understanding the value of hiring DevOps engineers, the next step is finding your team’s best-matched talent. Here are some strategies you could keep in mind.

1. Set up your business

This way, you can have more control over hiring and managing your team. But there is a possibility of things becoming complex and time-consuming, essentially when you venture into new countries.

  • Compliance 

Every country has its own set of employment laws and regulations that must be followed.

  • Taxation

It is crucial for you to understand and manage tax implications for the company and employees.

  • Payroll

Payroll, benefits, and other HR responsibilities must be handled precisely.

All these benefits are good, but finding the right talent could become a massive issue if you plan to take care of your business alone. 

2. Opt for a BPO/Staffing agency’s assistance

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations and agencies specialize in bridging the gap by connecting businesses with skilled professionals. This can be an easy route to hiring DevOps engineers, particularly regarding deadlines. But there are an equal number of drawbacks.

  • Expenses

BPOs and staffing agencies are not very cost-effective when you look at it from an overall perspective, as they charge fees for their services, excluding the staffing charges.

  • Lack of control over hiring

You may lose control over the hiring process as the agency will take care of the selection and interviewing process when compared to directly hiring candidates.

  • Do not pivot from essential projects

BPOs and staffing agencies can only help you with short-term projects. If you are looking for long-term team building, it is best not to go with them.

Finding the perfect hiring partner

When hiring DevOps engineers, you must look at the following considerations.

  • How quickly do you need to hire?
  • Do you have the resources to manage a legal entity in a new location?
  • What level of control do you need over the hiring process and team management?
  • What are DevOps engineer roles and benefits?
  • What is your budget for hiring?

With the help of these questions, you can evaluate your needs. You can have a more straightforward approach to hiring DevOps engineers that help build a high-performing team.

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Global Squirrels: Your one-stop solution for hiring engineers

Here is where Global Squirrels comes in to help you with hiring DevOps engineers. We understand the role of DevOps engineers when it comes to the success of an organization. This is how we can help your organization:

  • Global reach

We offer access to a range of skilled DevOps engineers in various countries based on your needs, allowing you to tap into an extensive talent pool.

  • Recruitment process

Our experts will ensure that your recruitment process is streamlined by identifying, evaluating, and presenting qualified talent for consideration.

  • Compliance

We also ensure a smooth transition and understanding of compliance regarding employment regulations in various jurisdictions.

Choosing the right strategy to hire candidates with a growth mindset and partnering with a trusted hiring platform like Global Squirrels can help you achieve a competitive advantage.


You can bridge the gap between development and operations by hiring DevOps engineers, which leads to quick deployment, higher quality of products, and lower downtime. DevOps engineer roles and benefits can be carefully evaluated to meet your needs, and selecting the right acquisition strategy can help build a strong DevOps team. Investing in training, promoting teamwork, and tracking key metrics can also help maximize the benefits of having DevOps engineers. So, take your first step towards success by clicking here.