What is Blue Squirrel Plan?

Blue Squirrel plan is the most advanced plan by Global Squirrels by which you can find talents, manage their payrolling, benefits, compliance, and other HR functions, and you can provide spacious co-working spaces for your remote sources. This plan will allow you to choose any of our office locations where your remote resource can work perfectly. You can save a considerable amount on the cost of setting up an office space in another country. Click here to know more about this plan!

Let’s begin submitting requests!

Submitting a Blue Squirrel plan request is a simple process and it can be finished in 5 steps. Creating an employer account is the initial step before any business request in Global Squirrels where you need to provide a few basic information. This informative guide will explain how you can submit a request successfully.

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Step 1- Log in and choose Blue Squirrel plan

Login to your account and navigate through our dashboard. You will be able to find our three plans on the dashboard with details such as pricing, features, and more. Choose the Blue Squirrel plan here.

Step 2- Fill in the job requirements of your right hire

In this step, you need to enter the job details such as job title, desired job duties, expected start date, and budget. This will help us to filter profiles fitting with your talent acquisition budget and skill requirements. Proceed to the next step of the request after filling in the information.

Step 3- Enter the education requirements

The educational background of a candidate is a significant factor when hiring for any role. In this step, you can enter academic details like desired and required degree and specialization. This information can help in sourcing the most appropriate profiles for the open positions you have.

Step 4- Mention the skill requirements of candidates

Building highly efficient teams with solid technical skills are driving force to success in a business. There should be professionals who can perform certain tasks with exceptional adept in various skills. In this step, you can enter those skills that you are looking for in prospective employees. Click on the “Add Skill” option and add as many skills as you wish. Continue to the next step now!

Step 5 (Final step)- Fill in location requirement of your remote resource

The important step in submitting a Blue Squirrel plan request will be this step where you can choose your choice of employee’s working hours and the location where they should be working. You can choose multiple possible work hours and office locations. Global Squirrels has fully functioning office spaces in USA, Canada, and major cities in India such as Noida, Hyderabad, and Guntur. Make your choices and submit the request here. That’s it!

Need a hand? Contact us

If you are having any trouble in submitting the request to Global Squirrels, please contact us or send a mail in detail at support@globalsquirrels.com.

Have any questions about our services, how does it work, and how it benefit your business? Need not to wait longer, just schedule a free demo right away and let’s have further discussion. We’re always here to help companies embrace great talent from anywhere in most affordable way!

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