Let’s Mark the Beginnings of The Great Hire Movement

Ever since the great resignation movement took place, until these recent mass lay-offs, the number of people who are enjoying/worrying about their optional/forced career break is on rise. From recruitment perspective, this means a lot of potential/desperate candidates are available to hire in an open market, that too with (arguably) not so high competition rate. With a proper strategy in place, small/medium companies can leverage this mass pool of waiting lists to fill their crucial positions.

This article expresses the idea of grabbing the right/quality talent before it is too late, as the great hiring movement is soon to take place (hopefully).

Lay-off is no more a negative term

The term ‘lay-off’ is no longer associated with bad/negative performance. In the past, people used to consider employees who got laid off as not up to the mark or relatively low performers. But now, lay-off is just a kind of pressure-releasing act for many companies who are going through a dull/looming phase. When companies opt to unleash this alternate, the affected are not bad performers, but the ones who have comparatively higher packages, or the ones who are new to the company, or those who are in halted projects or the ones whose work can be handled by an alternate/existing resource. Brutally speaking, these days, companies are not even following a particular pattern while executing layoffs. The point here is, laid-off employees are innocent and the reason behind their lay-off is nothing but a temporary misfortune.

Highly skilled global talent is on waiting list

Choose from the largest waiting pool of global talent, hire them before it is too late and put them on your dream ride. According to Inc42, more than 22000 employees have been laid-off in India alone, that too by start-ups. And these lay-offs were solely motivated by recent economic conditions. Though the hiring is also at the same pace in India, there is still a large pool of ready-to-onboard highly skilled professionals available for hiring.

An opportunity to seek loyalty

Employers should not consider this as an opportunity to exploit the talent that is laid-off and try to offer lessened compensations. Instead, companies should look forward to hiring quality talent, developing trust among the new hires and seeking loyalty in the long run. It is recommended for companies to offer more compensation than what employees used to get in their previous jobs. This gesture would boost employees’ confidence, build respect towards their new employer, resulting in an unwavering commitment towards giving their best. If given more support, this commitment would eventually turn into long-term loyalty which is invaluable for any company.

Immediate joiners and zero post offer dropouts

Employers spend a significant amount of time and money finding a quality resource. All that investment goes into vain if the candidate doesn’t turn up to the office on his/her first day. Everything is at stake until the new resource finds his/her place and starts contributing to the product/service. Keeping in mind the worst, employers always prefer candidates with shorter notice periods and wish to onboard them as early as possible. But for the candidates who are not working anywhere, there will not be any notice period, hence there won’t be any last-minute dropouts.

Fixed or flexible, choose at your convenience

As there is too much talent available in the open market, candidates are willing to take up any offer that taps their door, be it a full-time, part-time, contract or freelance. Companies who do not want to sign a fixed cost for their new hires can go with contractors. Companies can find and employ any number of international employees/contractors with the help of a global PEO/EOR platform like Global Squirrels in a very quick and efficient manner.

How Global Squirrels can help employers find and employ top global professionals?

Being a pioneer in global PEO/EOR services, Global Squirrels can help companies find international talent and onboard them within a few clicks from a single dashboard. Having a huge database of pre-vetted talent in place, Global Squirrels can schedule interviews with highly skilled global professionals within no time. Once the candidate is confirmed, Global Squirrels will handle every aspect of international hiring from onboarding, attendance to payroll, benefits and compliance. Enroll now with Global Squirrels to experience the ease of hiring/employing global talent.

Mark the beginnings of the great hire movement

After the great resignation movement, we are now passing through a phase that can be termed as a great reshuffle period. Very soon, things will start falling into place and eventually we will witness a rapid hiring movement. And when it begins, it will become very difficult for companies to find and hire top professionals. Instead, companies can start hiring now to get highly skilled professionals onboard and mark the beginnings of the great hire movement.

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