Top 11 Best Employer of Record Companies in 2024

Best employer of record EOR Services Companies

Finding the top employer of record companies can be a daunting task for any business. With so many EOR providers in the market, it can be challenging to choose the one that best fits your needs.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring some of the best employers of record companies that can help streamline your HR and payroll processes and provide exceptional support for your employees.

Employer of record companies

Employer of Record (EOR) companies are specialized service providers that act as the legal employer for a group of workers hired by another company. By assuming responsibility for HR management, payroll, taxes, and compliance, EOR companies alleviate administrative burdens and legal complexities for their clients.

This allows client companies to focus on their core business operations while leveraging the expertise and resources of the EOR to navigate global workforce challenges. With EOR companies, businesses can efficiently expand into new markets, hire talent internationally, and ensure compliance with local employment laws. The EOR model offers a flexible and scalable solution for organizations seeking to grow their global footprint and access a broader talent pool without the need to establish a legal entity in each country of operation.

What does employer of record companies do?

The primary role of an EOR service company is to act as the legal employer for a company’s employees, taking on various responsibilities associated with employment, payroll, benefits, and compliance.

1. Payroll and benefits administration

The EOR manages payroll processing, including calculation and distribution of wages, tax withholdings, and benefit deductions. They may also administer employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks.

2. Employment contracts and documentation

The EOR assists in drafting employment contracts, offer letters, and other necessary employment documents. They ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations.

3. Compliance and legal support

The EOR stays up to date with employment laws and regulations, ensuring that the company remains compliant. They handle issues related to employment taxes, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance. They also provide guidance on HR policies, procedures, and employee relations matters.

4. Employee onboarding and offboarding

The EOR handles the administrative tasks associated with employee onboarding, including paperwork, background checks, and setting up payroll. Similarly, when employees leave the company, the EOR manages offboarding procedures and relevant legal requirements.

5. Risk management

The EOR helps mitigate risks associated with employment by providing guidance on compliance issues and employment practices. They may also assist with workers’ compensation claims and managing unemployment insurance.

6. International expansion support

For companies expanding their operations globally, an EOR service company can help navigate complex international employment laws, payroll, and compliance requirements.

By partnering with best Employer of Record company or service providers, businesses can leverage their expertise and infrastructure to offload administrative burdens associated with employment and focus on core business functions. This arrangement can be particularly beneficial for companies operating in multiple locations or those looking to expand their workforce quickly without establishing legal entities in each jurisdiction.

List of Top employer of record companies

Discover the elite league of Employer of Record (EOR) companies that excel in streamlining global hiring processes and supporting businesses worldwide. Here are the top 11 EOR providers revolutionizing the way you expand your workforce.

1. Global Squirrels

Global Squirrels Employer of record (EOR) services

Global Squirrels, established in 2022, is one of the best employer of record company that surpasses conventional platforms with its value-added services.

We offer innovative and comprehensive Employer of Record solutions to small to large scale organizations across Globe. It’s a single platform that solves multiple global hiring problems such as international expansion, compliance, international payroll management, and tax obligations.

Redefining the traditional Employer of Records services, Global Squirrels goes above and beyond by providing additional offerings like international recruitment, contractor management services, and access to co-working spaces for remote workforces.

With a team of experts, we simplifies the complexities of global employment, enabling businesses to prioritize their core operations with confidence and ease.

Global Squirrels EOR solution features

  • No staffing agency markups, no HR needed, no foreign entity needed
  • Fully vetted profiles in 50+ job roles across the Philippines, Mexico, India, etc.
  • 100% employee management (deciding tenure, working hours, pay scale, etc)
  • Talent sourcing, offer negotiation, interview management, and onboarding assistance
  • Meticulously designed co-working space, boasting fully furnished interiors and a wealth of premium amenities.
  • Single dashboard for submitting resource requests, reviewing profiles, interview management, etc.
  • Secured and easy payment getaways
  • Monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, and daily timesheet frequency
  • Top technology partners for effective remote workforce management
  • Automated payroll processing
  • Customizable reporting and analytics
  • Employee self-service portal
  • On-the-go access enabled by mobile capabilities
  • Flexible and multiple payment options
  • Integration with other HR systems

Global Squirrels EOR pricing plan

Explore the EOR service offerings by Global Squirrels, available in two comprehensive plans to cater to your needs while building a global workforce: the Purple Plan and the Orange Plan.
Purple Plan- PEO, EOR, and payrolling services
Orange Plan- Sourcing and PEO / EOR / payrolling services

For detailed pricing information, please refer to Global Squirrels pricing plan.

2. Oyster HR

Oyster HR EOR Company


In the year 2019, Oyster embarked on a mission to address a critical question: What can be done to simplify global employment for both companies and skilled professionals? OysterHR is a dynamic and innovative website and platform that revolutionizes the way businesses manage their global workforce.

The platform simplifies the process of hiring and managing remote employees across different countries, handling legal and tax requirements, and ensuring compliance with local labor laws.

Highlights of features

  • Hire and pay talent in 180+ countries
  • Create compliant employment agreements and set up payroll and benefits
  • Global compliance and protection
  • Automated workflows for global hiring, payroll, and benefits
  • Employee-centric solutions
  • Pay all your employees on time and in their local currencies
  • Oyster’s Direct+ infrastructure pairs extensive country coverage with deep local expertise
  • Assess worker misclassification risks and compliantly convert contractors to full-time employees
  • Purchase seats to hire 5+ global Team Members at a locked, reduced rate
  • Reuse empty seats for backfills or new hires
  • Receive dedicated guidance and support to navigate global employment

Oyster pricing

  • International contractor hiring and paying starts at $29 per contractor/month
  • Employee hiring and payment plans start at $599 per employee/month billed monthly (starts at $499 per employee/month billed annually)

3. Deel

Deel Best EOR Service Company


Deel is a game-changing solution that was founded in 2018 for companies looking to streamline their global hiring and remote workforce management. With its innovative platform, Deel empowers businesses to easily navigate the complexities of international employment, allowing them to hire and onboard talent from anywhere in the world.

This EOR service provider showcases an extensive range of features and services, including global compliance management, streamlined payments, and automated contractor agreements. By leveraging Deel’s EOR services, companies can efficiently handle payroll, taxes, and compliance, ensuring they remain in full legal and operational compliance across different jurisdictions.

Deel features

  • 100+ countries with their entities
  • Hiring, sourcing, relocating, and paying talent faster in 15+ countries
  • Learning which benefits to offer in each country
  • Providing equipment to global teams without the hassle
  • Implement digital training and onboarding for your global team
  • Choose the best tools to streamline communication
  • Protect against cybersecurity threats
  • Navigating local laws, taxes, and regulations
  • Applying local requirements like social security and benefits
  • Hiring and paying international employees and contractors
  • Setting up new entities (optimal business structure, required legal and financial documents)
  • Run background checks on a single platform
  • Offer workspaces worldwide
  • Dedicated CSM and 24/7 chat in-app

Deel pricing

  • Hire and pay contractors compliantly in 150+ countries starting from $49
  • Hire and pay employees through Deel-owned entities in 90+ countries starting from $599

4. Papaya Global

Papaya Global

Papaya Global is an innovative platform revolutionizing global workforce management that was founded in 2016. With their cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions, they empower businesses to navigate the complexities of international employment effortlessly.

By offering a unified platform for managing global payroll, HR, and compliance, Papaya Global streamlines processes, eliminates tedious manual work and ensures compliance with local regulations.

Highlights of features

  • Hire and onboard in 160+ countries without entity establishment
  • Supports EOR, Payrolled employees, and Contractors (both SOW & Retainer models)
  • Human capital management/employee data
  • Triple-verified payroll for payment processing ​
  • Automated onboarding and automated payments in local currency – directly to the worker’s bank account
  • All-purpose HRIS
  • End-to-end payroll consolidation
  • Customized approval chains for Invoicing, Payroll Summary publication, and Payment processes
  • Fully compliant, end-to-end digital contract management: from initial proposal to signature

Papaya Global pricing

  • Manage all your EOR locations on one platform- Starting from $770/mo per employee
  • Onboard and pay international contractors quickly and compliantly- Starting from $25/mo per contractor
  • Supplemental benefits packages for all employee types at all locations- Starting from $250/mo per employee

5. Multiplier

Multiplier EOR Services

With a presence in over 150 countries now, Multipliers is a leading EOR company renowned for its comprehensive suite of services. Multiplier EOR service provider was founded in 2020 to make it easy for companies to employ teams internationally.

They handle everything from onboarding to compliance, payroll, and benefits administration. Their advanced technology platform ensures seamless integration, making it easy for companies to manage their global workforce efficiently.

Highlights of features

  • Instant employment contracts
  • Multi-country payroll
  • Multi-currency payments
  • ESOPs, benefits, and insurance administration
  • Expense and leave management
  • 24/5 support from local HR and legal experts, no third-party delays
  • Employee payslips
  • Offer homogenous, cost-effective, and locally competitive insurance of global standards
  • A people-driven approach to global benefits
  • All-in-one platform to administer benefits and seamlessly manage documentation

Multiplier pricing

  • Onboard full-time employees in countries where you don’t have entities- Starting from $300/month onwards
  • Onboard and pay freelancers across the globe in minutes- $40/month

6. Remofirst

Remofirst EOR Services

Remofirst, established in 2021, adopted a remote-first approach right from its launch. The company’s primary objective revolves around streamlining the process through which organizations construct remote teams.

Remofirst takes away the complexities of hiring remote talent, providing comprehensive services that extend across 150+ countries. By leveraging Remofirst’s expertise and extensive network, you can handle the intricacies of international employment compliance, ensuring adherence to local regulations and saving you valuable time and resources.

Highlights of features

  • Hire with one click in 150+ countries
  • RemoHealth – Global Healthcare (Provide premium health insurance to your global employees)
  • Streamline Payroll, tax filings, pensions, and more
  • Compliant and localized contract creation
  • Onboarding & termination HR guidance
  • On-demand expertise on local rules and regulations
  • Compliance documentation is securely accessible via your dashboard
  • Set up payroll and benefits all at once
  • Equipment provisioning
  • Visa and immigration services

Remofirst pricing

  • Employer of Record starts at $199 per person/month
  • Hiring contractors start at $19 per person/month
  • RemoHealth starts at $55 per person/month


Remote EOR Company

Remote was founded in 2019 with a mission to help companies hire talent anywhere. Remote serves as the ultimate all-in-one solution for businesses seeking to hire top talent from more than 190 countries.

With our comprehensive suite of services, we simplify the process of employing individuals in any country. From payroll and benefits to taxes and compliance, Remote provides a seamless solution that enables companies to tap into a global workforce and empower their teams.

Highlights of features

  • Hire and pay compliantly around the world
  • Onboard employees or contractors in minutes
  • Fair price guarantee—no gotchas or hidden fees
  • Automated set-up and management
  • Integrated HR tools for expenses and PTO
  • Centralize global payroll and workforce management
  • Onboard, manage, and pay contractors
  • Competitive benefits packages tailored to each country
  • Get support from local HR and legal experts, and no third-party delays
  • Ensure your IP and invention rights are fully protected

Pricing plan Remote

  • Employer of records- $699 per employee per month (Hire employees in countries where you don’t have entities)
  • Contractor management- $29 per contractor per month (Manage and pay international contractors)

8. Velocity Global

Velocity Global EOR Services

Velocity Global is a prominent global employer of record companies that was established in 2014 and empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of international expansion effortlessly in 185+ countries.

It offers end-to-end solutions for establishing a presence in new markets, handling compliance, payroll, benefits administration, and HR support. With a world-class technology platform, they help companies to scale their workforce across the globe.

Highlights of features

  • Manage your distributed workforce with the click of a button.
  • Comprehensive benefits through our Employer of Record solution
  • Global immigration
  • Health insurance, life, and AD&D coverage, EAP plans, pension options, and more
  • Consolidation of all paperwork with cloud-based technology
  • Access to over 10,000 on-demand offices in more than 120 countries via Upflex
  • Global equity program

Pricing plan Velocity Global

To obtain pricing details, kindly reach out to their sales team.

9. Omnipresent

Omnipresent EOR Services Company

Omnipresent is a leading global employment platform that launched in 2019 and it enables businesses to hire and manage remote teams worldwide with ease.

With a presence in more than 160 countries, Omnipresent helps companies to hire, pay, and manage remote workforce effortlessly. They combine human expertise with technology to automate global payrolling, compliance, and benefits of global employees.

Highlights of features

  • Full employment lifecycle management
  • Compliant employment contracts for remote employees in 160 countries and regions
  • Leave management, probation, and termination
  • HR compliance
  • Consolidation of employment policies
  • Multi pay-cycle management
  • Competitive benefits, pensions, insurance, wellness and more
  • Remote work equipment
  • HR support & service

Omnipresent pricing

Pricing details for Omnipresent’s services are not available on their website. To obtain specific pricing information, we recommend reaching out to their team directly. 

10. Horizons


Horizons was founded in 2018 as NHGlobal Partners to streamline global employment processes. As a global Employer of Record (EOR) solution provider, Horizons offers a comprehensive suite of services to facilitate seamless international business operations.

Their website highlights their standout features, such as their extensive global network, which enables them to provide EOR services in over 100 countries worldwide. Horizons also emphasize its expertise in managing compliance with local labor laws, tax regulations, and HR processes, ensuring businesses remain in full legal and operational compliance.

Highlights of features

  • Hiring and payments in 180+ countries
  • Full benefits: social security and employee tax management
  • Special amendments: non-compete, confidentiality, data protection
  • Hire expatriates with visas and work permit
  • Hire faster with in-house local recruitment support
  • W-8, W-9 tax from collection & 1099 filling
  • Multi-country onboarding support with local specialists
  • Customized labor contract with legal assistance
  • Built-in payroll and tax compliance global reporting for a team(s)
  • End-to-end dedicated support in each country

Horizons pricing

  • Hire employees- Start from just $299 per employee/month
  • Hire contractors- $59 per contractor/month

11. Rippling

Rippling is an innovative all-in-one platform that was founded in 2016 to simplify the complex task of managing employee data and HR processes.

It offers a seamless solution for automating HR workflows, including employee onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, time tracking, and more. By consolidating these critical functions into a single platform, Rippling streamlines operations, increases efficiency, and reduces administrative overhead.

Highlights of features

  • All-in-one system for automating the employee lifecycle
  • Expense management
  • PEO services and Global Employer of Record services
  • Pulse- Employee survey management
  • Benefit administration
  • Time and attendance
  • Onboarding/Offboarding Automation
  • Advanced Document Management

Pricing plan Rippling

Request a complimentary quote from Rippling and get customized pricing that aligns with your needs.


If you want to know more about EOR in detail, Please read this insightful article, “What is EOR – A detailed guide


It is advisable to consider few key factors choosing the best employer of records companies or service providers:

Firstly, carefully assess the pricing structures offered by different EOR providers, ensuring transparency and clarity. Next, thoroughly evaluate the services included in the pricing packages to ensure they align with your specific needs and requirements.

Additionally, consider the reputation, expertise, and track record of each EOR company on the list. Making an informed decision in choosing the best EOR service provider will empower your business to effectively manage its global workforce. Also, you need to navigate the intricacies of international employment with confidence and success.

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