Can the Cosmetic Industry Benefit from Using Global Squirrels?

In response to changes in lifestyle – beauty & wellness have become an integral part of modern lifestyle and a growing global beauty & wellness market has emerged. Manufacturers and sales representatives have made innovation a key element as consumers’ demand for cosmetics have increased. As the industry is gaining popularity and is experiencing growth, companies are looking to outsource and hire qualified and experienced personnel from countries like India and meet the demand in a smart way. As a result, work is evenly distributed and onshore teams get to focus on tasks geared toward business growth. It is no secret that domestic workers are beneficial, but what can a $100 million company accomplish by hiring domestic workers? The purpose of this article is to study a $100 million company and discuss how domestic full-time hiring can benefit an organization in various departments, from recruiting marketing strategists to analysts, and the value of domestic full-time hiring.

Building domestic teams: subject company overview & forecasted expenditures

Developed in collaboration with leading experts in the industry and utilizing the latest innovations in science and research, the subject company focused on providing clean and natural beauty & wellness products to their clients. By investing in scientific testing to ensure quality, this company has an annual revenue of over $100 million dollars. A thorough analysis of the open job positions in the company leads to the conclusion that major cost-share positions can be managed remotely. Using Glassdoor, we’ll examine the average annual pay for the positions and how the company can save considerable costs while also bringing together a talented team.

Job title Average monthly salary via outsourcing companies Average monthly salary via Global Squirrels
Customer Service Representative $1,326.62 $618.31
Manager Accounting $3,839.90 $1,800.70
Senior Accountant $1,724.61 $803.81
IT QA Engineer $3,224.68 $1,509.03
Lead Front Developer $5,221.24 $2,526.81
Compliance Analyst $1,767.29 $831.08
Documentation Specialist $1,168.15 $545.33
Senior Systems Engineer $3,323.55 $1,589.84
Marketing & Activations Manager $2,279.31 $1,092.78
Total $23,875.36 $11,317.68

Based on the comparisons the company presented under the case study can potentially save $12,557.68 per month by leveraging Global Squirrels. The salary threshold for hiring Indian talent in this study has been kept at the industry standard, which allows the company to save more money.

How can Global Squirrels add value?

One of the key aspects of domestic full-time hiring is finding the provider that can handle the recruiting, HR & payroll processes of the employee. As a one-source integrated solution, Global Squirrels provides consulting, HR, and payroll functions in a fully administered package, enabling companies to achieve efficiencies and cost savings that are synonymous with multivendor administration. In combination with its three comprehensive solutions paired with expertise in the processes and technologies, Global Squirrels allows businesses to reduce costs and create measurable results.


Depending on your organization’s requirements, hiring a full-time domestic employee is made easier by choosing from one of the 3 comprehensive solutions offered by Global Squirrels while saving 52.6% on regular hiring costs. This blog summarizes the cost savings advantage of domestic hiring and outweighing the value of leveraging Global Squirrels’ comprehensive solutions for a more cost-efficient foundation for business operations.

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