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hire a Product Manager

Knowing how to hire a Product Manager can make all the difference between your product’s success and failure. A Product Manager with the right skills can lead your product to market success with accuracy at every step in the new product launch process. This blog provides guidance for hiring a Product Manager and highlights how Global Squirrels can assist you. We are an all-in-one SaaS HR platform that allows organizations to recruit, onboard, and manage payrolling for contractors and full-time employees in a cost-effective manner. 

Why do you need to hire a Product Manager?

It is imperative to know how to hire a Product Manager, but understanding why you need one is equally important. Product Managers are essential for achieving your product’s success as they are in charge of the product lifecycle and ensure that every single phase is done perfectly.

Let’s read a few key reasons to hire a Product Manager:

Vision and strategy

Product Managers assign a strategic value to the products they manage. They tailor your organization’s business offerings to the market, understand customers’ needs, and identify the competitive landscape. 

Voice of the customer

They gather user research, collect feedback, and articulate customers’ requests. Thus, the product will stay relevant and provide solutions for the specific needs of the business’s target market.

Prioritization and execution

With many new ideas and requests, Product Managers prioritize feature sets by their impact and feasibility. They are responsible for product development lifecycle management and ensure the arrival of features within timelines and budgets.

Data-driven decisions

Product Managers use data to make strategic decisions. They conduct user analysis, examine performance, and measure them against their product’s attributes. Such an array of information permits further improvement and product-optimizing processes.

“What should the salary of a Product Manager be?” This is a common question recruiters ask. It differs from their experience, location, and the industry in which they work. For instance, as per Glassdoor, the average annual base pay of a Product Manager with 4 years of experience in the USA varies between $93,000 to $200,000. 

Benefits of hiring a Product Manager through Global Squirrels 

1. Ease of hiring contractors and full-time employees worldwide

Taking advantage of our top talent recruitment teams, whether it is a Product Manager or any other position that can be done remotely, the process of getting those capable of enriching your organization with their diverse skills and backgrounds can be ensured, and they can be the spark that leads to innovation and expansion within your company. 

2. Compliance and legal management

Dealing with the intricacies of remote recruitment is often a challenging process, given that different countries have distinct rules and laws about employment. Global Squirrels will ensure that the recruitment and their employment comply with all the required legislations based on employee’s home country. Liability risks are minimized while at the same time providing peace of mind for employers who are aware that legal standards oversee everything. 

3. Streamlined payrolling process

Have you already sourced a Product Manager and want someone to take care of payroll? Global Squirrels provides a complete employer-of-record (EOR) experience that will make this task hassle-free. Simply sign up and provide details of your newly appointed employee along with their country details, and our platform handles their onboarding, payrolling, compliance, and benefits.

4. Cost efficiency

Eliminating the necessity of setting up a local entity in the country where you wish to hire a Product Manager will minimize your overall hiring expenses. Global Squirrels’ SaaS platform will work as your foreign entity and fulfill all your requirements at a fraction of the cost of hiring a BPO or a staffing agency. We just charge their payroll cost and a flat license fee per employee.

Global Squirrels: Your all-in-one HR platform to hire a Product Manager

If you are still wondering, “how to hire a Product Manager?” Global Squirrels offers a comprehensive solution that will simplify the hiring and payrolling process through our comprehensive packages designed to meet your specific requirements. Our plans are explained below:

Orange plan

The orange plan offered in our platform helps you source the right Product Managers (or any other position) based on your job requirement, payroll management, compliance assurance and all employee benefits handling. The process comprises identifying and interviewing candidates until the position is filled. Once you choose your desired candidates in our platform, our software takes care of onboarding, payroll, and benefits of the identified resource. For detailed information on the pricing, you can check here.

Purple plan

If you have already sourced your Product Manager, you can select our Purple plan. Our platform handles the HR processes, payroll, benefits, and compliance. By leveraging AI and technology, our EOR platform offers the best pricing compared to any other EOR provider or outsourcing/BPO provider.

Blue plan

If you have your entity to take care of payroll and benefits either for a remote or a full-time employee and need help in finding this employee for you, our blue plan offers a comprehensive recruitment service to help you find full-time Product Managers for your teams. Based on the job requirements specified by you in our portal, with the help of technology and country-specific recruitment teams, we source curated profiles as per your job requirements, pay expectations and schedule interviews until the candidate is hired. To go with this plan, simply sign up and provide details of your job.


Understanding how to hire a Product Manager is crucial for your products and your company’s success. A Product Manager has a strategic vision and utilizes market insight and leadership skills to empower your team to run the product management structure. Using our SaaS HR platform, you can simplify hiring and have the best talents on your team. What are you waiting for? Hire a Product Manager today and lead your product to success!