How does Remote Work become the trend beyond 2025?

How does remote work become the trend

In recent news with CNBC, Nicholas Bloom mentioned that remote work will become the trend and go beyond 2025. The U.S. labor market is going to experience the remote work culture permanently – he further added. 

In this blog, we will show how the remote work trend has become permanent for several companies. 

The remote work scenario in the largest metro cities in the US

Stanford’s Steven Davis has released a statement that remote work has job opportunities for both workers and employers. In this context, the researcher on remote work culture foreseen that the trend picked during the Pandemic would become permanent for many companies in the coming days.  

During the Pandemic in 2020, the early days of lockdown, 61.5% of paid workers worked from home as per the Survey of Working Arrangements and Attitudes. 

In 2022, when the situation got back to normalcy, half of the employees returned to the office. Within a short period, both workers and employers realized that remote work-from-home arrangements were much better than visiting the office every day.

However, in 2023, the scenario was mixed. Only 28% of remote work-from-home employees sustained this year, which is quite flat. However, the U.S. The Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey showed a similar trend. 

In mid-2023, 50% office occupancy was observed in the largest metro cities in the U.S. 

Bloom further added that it’s almost three and half years, and we still got stuck, which would take something as extreme to unstick it. 

Remote work policies – the impact on the labor market

After the Pandemic, the ‘Hybrid’ work culture was introduced, and the arrangements followed three days of working from the office and two days of working from home. 

According to WFH Research, 47% of employees work from home under a hybrid model, while 19% are full-time and 34% are on-site office locations. The data took until October 2023. 

A hybrid model was introduced for an experiment in the post-Covid scenario. 

However, remote work is the new normal for the labor market.  

If we see the hybrid data, the following statistics come out from the ZipRecruiter employer survey. Let’s see – 

7% workers One day in the office/week
9% workers One day in the office/week
13% workers  Three days in the office/week
8% workers  Four days in the office/week

Surprisingly, ZipRecruiter chief economist Julia Pollak revealed that 11% of online job postings concentrate on remote or hybrid work models. 

The below graph reveals the US work-from-home employees data –

US work-from-home employees dataThe US, like the largest labor market, adopted the remote work model for many reasons. In the next part, we will unearth the current trend. 

Why will remote work go beyond 2025?

The remote work model will soon be the main option employers consider. According to the economist from Stanford, the remote work model will be cost-effective for employers. 

The biggest benefit of remote work, as per the employers, is retention, which ZipRecruiter further added. Working from home saves companies money since the model was introduced during hard times. 

As the current trend, the work-from-home model is likely to grow as the employee retention rate, and cost-effectiveness save companies funds while getting the work done remotely. 

Another reason is technological advancement. During remote work, technology made it easier to perform. The young CEO of the newly established firm believes in the remote work model. 

Even in the long-term trends, the work-from-home model will emerge to save companies’ funds. 

Working from home is a profitable work model for companies that will go for long-term trends. Bloom, the economist from Stanford University, further added that there are potential benefits such as reduced expenses for real estate, wages and hiring, better work retention, and an extensive pool from which to hire professionals. 

The productivity will never suffer, he further added. 

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How does Global Squirrels help to hire remote employees?

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The Price plan of Global Squirrels

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How to sign up with Global Squirrels?

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The plus side of Global Squirrels

Global Squirrels is unique in the following points: 

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Let’s see the FAQs for more information

  1. In which countries there is a massive talent pool?

There is a global talent pool available in every country. But if you want a brilliant workforce, you have to search for remote professionals from India, the Philippines, Mexico, and Bangladesh with the help of Global Squirrels.

  1. How does Global Squirrels help in compliance?

Global Squirrels assists you in complying with international labor laws and guidelines. It’s come under the payroll management system, and employers get the compliance solution from Global Squirrels.

  1. Can Global Squirrels manage all the legal processes during hiring?

Yes. Global Squirrels can manage all the legal issues related to the hiring of local employees and help in documentation as per local employment laws. 

In Conclusion

According to Stanford’s economist, the remote work trend will set up and go far beyond 2025. As remote work becomes the trend in the US labor market, hiring remote employees can serve better in terms of cost-effectiveness and productivity level. 

Organizations are finding several ways to streamline their business in the post-COVID era, and the work-from-home option is another way to save companies’ funds.

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