Why you should hire Filipino workers remotely – Learn their qualities

hire Filipino workers remotely

Teamwork, dedicated and loyal workers, hard workers, keeping team before personal requirements – all these qualities are attributes of filipino worker’s culture. Therefore, the country is enriched with skilled professionals. Several global companies prefer to hire employees from the Philippines. 

In this blog, you will know why hire filipino employees from the Philippines would be profitable in many terms. 

Employers seek professionals’ qualities before hiring filipino for their organizations. 

Furthermore, hire filipino workers for specific job roles also requires a specific professional skill set. We will see the professional qualities of filipino workers in the next paragraph. 

What are the professional qualities employers seek from Filipino workers?

Filipino workers are known for their positive and hardworking nature, making them highly sought-after by employers worldwide. Here are some key qualities employers often seek from filipino professionals

Soft skills

  • Excellent communication skills: Filipinos are generally fluent in English and their native dialects, allowing them to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: Filipinos are known for their friendliness, respectfulness, and ability to build strong relationships with others.
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Filipinos are adept at working collaboratively and harmoniously within teams, contributing to a positive work environment.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: Filipinos are able to adapt to new situations and changes quickly, making them valuable assets in dynamic work environments.
  • Positive attitude and work ethic: Filipinos are known for their cheerful disposition and dedication to their work, contributing to a positive and productive work environment.

Hard skills

  • Technical skills: Depending on the specific industry and role, employers may seek specific technical skills and certifications relevant to the job.
  • Problem-solving skills: Filipinos are known for their resourcefulness and ability to think creatively to solve problems.
  • Decision-making skills: Filipino professionals can assess situations, weigh options, and make sound decisions independently.
  • Organization and time management skills: Filipinos are generally skilled at managing their time effectively and meeting deadlines.
  • Computer literacy: Familiarity with various software and technology tools is often necessary for modern workplaces.

Additional qualities

  • Cultural sensitivity: Filipinos are known for their respect for diverse cultures and their ability to adapt to different work environments.
  • Loyalty and commitment: Filipino employees often show dedication and loyalty to their employers, contributing to long-term stability within the company.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Many Filipinos are driven and possess an entrepreneurial spirit, which can benefit businesses seeking innovation and growth.
  • Strong work ethic and resilience: Filipinos are known for their dedication to their work and their ability to remain positive and resilient even in challenging situations.

Why do hiring Filipino employees bring benefits?

Hiring Filipino workers can bring several benefits to organizations, both domestically and internationally. Here are some reasons why hiring Filipino workers can be advantageous

High english proficiency

English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, and many Filipinos are fluent English speakers. This proficiency in English makes them valuable for roles that require communication in the language, such as customer service, IT support, and content creation.

Cultural compatibility

Filipinos often have a strong sense of respect for authority, teamwork, and hospitality, which aligns well with many corporate cultures. Their cultural adaptability and willingness to collaborate can foster a positive work environment.

Strong work ethic

Filipino workers are known for their strong work ethic, dedication, and commitment to their jobs. They often go the extra mile to meet deadlines and achieve goals.

Cost-effective labor

The Philippines offers competitive labor costs compared to many Western countries. Outsourcing to the Philippines can lead to significant cost savings for businesses, especially for labor-intensive tasks.

Educational attainment

Many Filipinos have a high level of education, with a substantial number holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees. This educated workforce is well-suited for various roles, including those requiring technical and analytical skills.

Global mindset

The Philippines has a global outlook, and many Filipinos are open to working with international clients and partners. They often adapt well to global business practices and time zones.

Time zone advantage

The Philippines is in a time zone that allows for overlap with both Western and Asian business hours. This is particularly advantageous for businesses that require 24/7 customer support or operations.

Diverse skills

Filipino workers possess a wide range of skills, from IT and programming to healthcare and customer service. This diversity allows organizations to find talent in various fields.

Strong customer service orientation

Filipinos are known for their friendly and service-oriented attitude, making them well-suited for roles in customer service, sales, and client management.

Cultural sensitivity

Many filipino workers have experience working with international clients and are culturally sensitive, which is valuable for businesses serving diverse customer bases.

The above-stated benefits filipino workers bring to the organizations while hiring remotely.

 If your organization needs filipino workers remotely, you need a platform such as Global Squirrels. Let’s learn how the AI-integrated platform helps you to find the right candidate for your organization.

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How do Global Squirrels help hire Filipino workers?

Global Squirrels is an AI-integrated SaaS product that assists you in hiring Filipino workers remotely. The platform has an extensive global talent pool from diverse industries. They are experts in their respective domains. Once you sign up with Global Squirrels, you can access the pool to hire Filipino employees for your company. 

Besides hiring, Global Squirrels also supports you in the payroll management of your employees. The platform assists you in payroll management systems that include compensation calculations, managed leave sheets, tax calculations, compliance-based on international laws, etc. 

Benefits of using Global Squirrels

There are several benefits if you sign up with Global Squirrels. The following benefits you will get once you sign up with Global Squirrels

  • You will get access to global talent from several industries. 
  • You can hire employees from across the globe. 
  • With hiring, you can check the payroll management system. 
  • Compensation calculations, tax calculations, leave sheet management, benefits management – Global Squirrels will take care of everything 
  • You will get compliance based on international laws. 
  • Besides employees, you can hire contractors as per requirements. 

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Why Global Squirrels?

Global Squirrels is unique in many terms. If you signup with it, you will have – 

  • No need to set up any entity for global hiring 
  • No need to pay bloated markups or agency fees 
  • You need to pay a flat license fee per hire 
  • The pricing plan is started with $199 + payroll cost only

The Pricing plan

Global Squirrels offer the most cost-effective plans for the global employers. It has three plan and you can select according to your requirements. Below is the detail

Purple plan Orange plan Blue plan
$199/month/employee + payroll cost $1499 Recruitment fee  (One-time) + $199/month+ Payroll cost One-time sourcing fee of 15% of employee annual salary

How to Signup with Global Squirrels to hire Filipino workers?

The signup process is easy. Follow the below steps – 

 Step 1: Visit Global Squirrels 

Step 2: Click on the Request a demo

Step 3: Fill up the form with relevant information. 

Step 4: Submit the form.

Step 5: Access the professionals and select them.

Step 6: Select the plan and make the payment.

Once you make the payment, the rest of the responsibilities will be taken care of by Global Squirrels. 

In conclusion

Filipinos are worthy professionals and skilled workers in many domains. You can hire filipino employees without setting up any office in the Philippines if you sign up with Global Squirrels. The platform will help you hire filipino workers for your organization, along with their payroll management.

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